My first GIVEAWAY of 2016! Your chance to win!

Hello, everyone!  Happy New Year (again)!

I decided to start this year off with a small giveaway

I like pocket planners. I know so many people now use their phones but I prefer to use a paper planner, so I’d been trying to find one for 2016. It seems around here they were in very short supply this year but I finally found this pretty pink one.  (Yes, I like pink.) It’s not actually quite as brilliant pink as shown below.

2016 plannerThis little planner is 3 1/2″ x  6 3/4″ and barely 1/4″ thick. 

The reason I am giving this one away is because a dear friend gave me one for Christmas and I don’t need both. If YOU can use it and would like to enter a draw to try to win it, I will be pleased to mail it to whomever’s name is drawn.

Here are a few shots of the inside pages.

2016 planner.3 2016 planner.13







2016 planner.5 2016 planner.6 2016 planner.7 2016 planner.8














This 2016 planner has the 2017 calendar on the back page, a measuring guide in inches in the front and in the back it’s in centimeters. Each month takes up two facing pages so you see the whole month at a glance. There’s room on the first page for your personal information, also several pages for phone numbers (or email addresses) you want to keep handy, a few pages for your notes in the back, and a section for travel/expense records for each month. Oh, and it is in both English and French.

If you want to try to win this handy 2016 monthly pink pocket planner, just leave a comment telling me why you prefer a paper planner to using an electronic one.

2016 planner.2

I want to give people enough time to enter, but since this is for a planner and it’s already nearly a week into the first month, this contest time will be short. I will use name picker to draw out one name on Wednesday next week.

The draw will be January 13th at 10:00 PM AST. (That’s 9:00 EST)

Pass the word around and be sure to leave a comment for your chance to win!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


10 responses to “My first GIVEAWAY of 2016! Your chance to win!

  1. Good luck everyone! A lovely prize but don´t put me in the draw. It would cost too much to mail it to Spain and I don´t seem to use them any more. (I used to rely heavily on them and still mark things on my wall calendar so I´m not totally digital)


    • Thanks for your reply, Darlene. I am prepared to mail this little item to anywhere in the world, so if you change your mind and want to have your name entered in the draw, perhaps you know someone else who like the planner if you win.


  2. I used pocket planners years ago, but not recently. It was such an easy way to keep up with things. Nice giveaway!


  3. I feel like I use it more if its paper!


  4. Hi Lynn, I’m definitely a paper girl. I do use my phone, but I still prefer paper. I always have a pen in my purse, so writing an upcoming appointment in a planner is faster for me than entering it into my phone. I was going to buy my 2016 one this week, now that they’re on sale. Now I’ll wait until after the 13th! 🙂


  5. No forgetting passwords; no pushing wrong buttons; no forgetting to charge it; no cords needed; no dropping it and breaking it; no technology problems; no forgetting how to find the information. Of course, none of these would apply to me. 🙂


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