Book Review: The Lion Is In – by Delia Ephron

The Lion Is InBook: The Lion Is In
Author: Delia Ephron
Publisher: Blue Rider Press
Date: March 29, 2012  hardcover;
January 29, 2013  paperback
Genre: adult fiction
Pages: 304
Price: $24.95 hardcover; $14.99 paperback
My Rating: an enjoyable easy read that will inspire you, make you laugh, and leave you wanting more


I had the good fortune to win this book and decided to review it.

The story begins on a warm June day when two runaway women – Lana in a t-shirt and ripped jeans, Tracee in a wedding dress – suffer the inconvenience of a flat tire in rural North Carolina. Rita comes casually walking along in her Sunday best with no plan of where she is going, just somewhere, and after changing the flat Lana offers her a ride. What they don’t know is they have rescued Rita. The truth is, each of the women has her secrets and fears and issues. Each is trying to get away from everything. Each is searching for … something.

Renowned author, Delia Ephron, has created a scenario that, with humour, brings us into the lives of three women very different from one another, and the unique people they meet when they are unwillingly stuck in a dying town. And then there is Marcel, Marcel the lion, caged in a nearly down-and-out nightclub. It’s Marcel that eventually plays a key role in this whole situation.

Lana, Tracee, and Rita certainly have their calamities and their clashes, but their determination to work things out in their lives and help each other in the process keeps them from having complete individual meltdowns. They each have to find a way to deal with their problems and fears and to let themselves trust again. In the process of self-realization they have a profound effect on certain others in the town. Trouble doesn’t stay away, though, but you’ll have to read for yourselves to find out what happens.

The Lion Is In is a story of change, challenge, and facing the lions in one’s life. It is an easy, enjoyable read written in a casual style that keeps the reader wanting to know what’s coming next.

Now for the negatives –The ‘f’ word was used several times, but as the reader gets to know the characters, the outbursts of the one occasionally swearing works with the anger and frustration. It is not frequent and does not taint the story. Also, if you are uncomfortable with mild erotica then I would suggest you just skip over those few paragraphs – do NOT skip this book because of that.

FYI: In case you didn’t know, The Lion Is In author Delia Ephron also wrote You’ve Got Mail, which was made into the movie of the same name. One of my few all-time favourite movies, I might add! I watch my copy of it every once in a while.

By now it seems unnecessary to say I enjoyed this book, but I’ll say it: I enjoyed this book! The Lion Is In was amusing with realistic characters and laugh-out-loud situations. I just wish there were more of it. Perhaps this too will become a movie.

You can find The Lion Is In listed on my BUY THE BOOK! page.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂





8 responses to “Book Review: The Lion Is In – by Delia Ephron

  1. I’ve always wanted to see “You’ve Got Mail” but never got the chance. It’s on my list to watch in my lifetime, later when life doesn’t have me so busy that I can’t sit and watch an adult movie.

    The book sounds interesting. I enjoy humour and each time I read it in a book I wonder how they author pulled it off. I’d love to be able to write humour, but I don’t know how. I think that’s a special writing talent.


    • Oh, Diane! You have got to find the time to watch You’ve Got Mail! 🙂
      I wonder about humour writing, too. What’s interesting is that in my (yet incomplete) novel my characters enjoy humour and there is one situation that unfolded which made me giggle even while writing it. I don’t think I can try to be funny in my writing, it has to naturally happen, otherwise it would be stilted.
      Thanks for your comment.


  2. I’m with Lynn, Diane, you have to see the movie. I’ve only scene a few dozen times. It’s remake of course, from golden oldie movies, The Shop Around the Corner and In The Good Old Summertime, but this version is ever bit as wonderful. Thanks for the recommend, Lynn. I’ll pick it up.


  3. I wondered, and went looking. Yes! Delia Ephron is the sister of Nora Ephron, one of my all-time favs. A very good reason to pick up some of Delia’s work and see how she compares to her sister – not in terms of “better or worse than” but just in terms of “voice”.


  4. Unfortuantely we just lost Nora Ephron, an incredibly talented woman. So great to hear about her sister. This books sounds wonderful and I look forward to your interview with this member of a remarkable family.


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