My “have read” 2011 book list

Now that I have regained my habit of reading as much and as often as I can, my goal is to continue that good habit this year. (And that’s not so hard since I love to read and I have so many books waiting.) On this page I will list the books I have read through the year 2011. It will again be an assorted compilation as I like to vary my reading to include exploring children’s books. Also, since I didn’t make my way through the entirety of the Bible in 2010, I will read the remaining 14 books this year and add them to my list.

If anything on my reading list is of interest to you, or you are encouraged to read more, too, do let me know! I’d love to hear about it. Happy Reading! NOTE: if there are any you’d like to purchase please go to my page BUY THE BOOK! to see if it is listed there.

PS – Also, any book I have marked *(ARC)* is an Advanced Reading Copy I was given to review.


  1. CHRISTMAS – a commemorative kardlet – presented by Pages of Time
  2. Bitter, Sweet – by Laura A. Best (a re-read; reviewed January 18’11; interview with Laura January 26’11)
  3. from the Bible – the book of Jeremiah
  4. from the Bible – the book of Lamentations
  5. Snow Day – by Billy Coffey (reviewed March 22’11; interview with Billy March 25′11)


  1. from the Bible – the book of Ezekiel
  2. from the Bible – the book of Daniel
  3. from the Bible – the book of Hosea
  4. from the Bible – the book of Nahum
  5. from the Bible – the book of Habakkuk
  6. from the Bible – the book of Amos
  7. I Love You Through and Through – by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak (a gift for our grandson for Valentine’s Day, he loves it!)
  8. from the Bible – the book of Micah
  9. from the Bible – the book of Zephaniah
  10. from the Bible – the book of Haggai
  11. from the Bible – the book of Zechariah
  12. from the Bible – the book of Malachi
  13. from the Bible – the book of Revelation  (and that completes my trip through the whole Bible again)
  14. Mandy and the Flying Map – by Beverley Allinson
  15. Rebecca’s Nancy – by Joan Reimer Goman
  16. A Kindle of Kittens – by Rumer Godden

MARCH 2011:

  1. Flourish: discover the daily joy of abundant, vibrant living – by Catherine Hart Weber, PhD  *(ARC)* (reviewed April 12’11)
  2. Kaydie – by Penny A. Zeller  *(ARC)* (reviewed May 7’11; interview with Penny May 9’11)

APRIL 2011:

  1. Black Dog Dream Dog – by Michelle Superle  (reviewed April 15’11)
  2. A Hare In The Elephant’s Trunk – by Jan L. Coates (reviewed October 22’11; interview with Jan October 28’11)

MAY 2011:

  1. Abide With Me – by H. F. Lyte  (this is the hymn in book form)
  2. Woodchuck – by Faith McNulty
  3. Only One Ant – by Leonore Klein
  4. For Mother’s Day – an ideals Publication (1961 issue)
  5. The Shelter of God’s Promises – by Sheila Walsh (reviewed May 21’11)
  6. Wandering Herd – by Zane Grey
  7. Becoming a Vessel of Honor  in the Master’s Service – by Rebecca Brown, MD
  8. Nova Scotia in Grandfather’s Day – by Maud Newcomb
  9. Money and the Prosperous Soul – Tipping the Scales of Favor and Blessing – by Stephen K. De Silva *ARC *(reviewed May 30’11)
  10. Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask – by Darlene Foster  (reviewed June 17’11)

JUNE 2011:

  1. Jesus, My Father, the CIA, And Me: A memoir … of sorts – by Ian Morgan Cron  (reviewed June 12’11)
  2. Mother Earth Father Sky: a novel – by Sue Harrison (reviewed June 24’11)
  3. Magic Under Glass – by Jaclyn Dolamore (reviewed July 4’11)
  4. Bad Latitude: A Jack Rackman Adventure – by David Ebright

JULY 2011:

  1. Growing in the Prophetic – by Mike Bickle
  2. Fairy Tales – by Brothers Grimm (1908 copy)
  3. Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul: Advice and Inspiration for Fulfilling Dreams – compiled by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Dahlynn McKowen, John & Elizabeth Gardner, Tom Hill & Kyle Wilson
  4. God of All Comfort – by Hannah Whitall Smith
  5. Moments of Peace in the Presence of God: Reflections on God’s Gift of Love, Hope and Happiness – writers: Philip H. Barnhart, Jan Coleman, Angela J. Kiesling, Margaret Langstaff, Karen O’Connor

AUGUST 2011:

  1. Rumors of God: Experience the Kind of Faith You’ve Only Heard About – by Darren Whitehead & Jon Tyson (reviewed August 10’11)
  2. Prisoner of Dieppe: World War II – by Hugh Brewster (first book of I Am Canada series for boys)
  3. The Green Book of Plays – School Publications & Specialties Limited
  4. The GIFT for all people: Thoughts on God’s Great Grace – by Max Lucado
  5. The Hardest Thing To Do – by Penelope Wilcock  *ARC* (reviewed August 31’11)
  6. Cold Sassy Tree – by Olive Ann Burns


  1. The Night Before Christmas in Newfoundland – story and art by Bob Youden
  2. Sunny Moments – verses by Fred E. Weatherly (child’s book published in early 1900’s & bound with lilac ribbon; it belonged to my mother’s mother)
  3. Kitten Capers – published in early 1920’s by M. A. Donohue & Co. (given to my mother when she was a child in 1931)
  4. Take My Family … Please! – by Gary Lautens, with cartoons by Lynn Johnston
  5. What is the Father Like?: A Devotional Look at How God Cares for His Children – by W. Phillip Keller
  6. God Gave Us You – by Lisa Tawn Bergren (reviewed September 10’11)
  7. The Call – by Rick Joyner
  8. Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer – by John Grisham
  9. “Just For You”: A Special Collection of Inspirational Verses by Helen Steiner Rice


  1. Aunt Erma’s Cope Book: How To Get From Monday To Friday … In 12 Days – by Erma Bombeck
  2. Leaves of Inspiration: Uplifting Words and Thoughts for Everyday Living  (publisher – Greenwich House, NY)
  3. A New Beginning: The Gift of Hope – written and edited by John P. Beilenson
  4. bird by bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life – by Anne Lamott

NOVEMBER 2011: I read a little, but I wrote a lot.


  1. My Goat Gertrude – by Starr Dobson (reviewed December 19’11)
  2. My Utmost for His Highest: The Golden Book of Oswald Chambers – Selections for every day
  3. Mousekin Takes a Trip – by Edna Miller
  4. Sam Sunday and the Strange Disappearance of Chester Cats – by Robyn Supraner
  5. Wildlife: The Beaver – by Angela Sheehan

So ends another year of reading. My total, including the books of the Bible to complete my 2010 goal of another read-through, is 68 – quite a drop from last year’s accomplishment of 96. Not including the books of the Bible, my total is 54 compared to 44 read in 2010. Other books (War and Peace, to name one) I am reading but have not completed yet, so they will show up on 2012’s list – or whenever I reach the last page. 🙂 In true form, even though I did not devour as many books this year as I had hoped to because of life’s challenges, my to-be-read stack(s) grew considerably.

How did you do with your reading in 2011?


I look forward to reading your greatly appreciated comments. Thanks for making my day! :)

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