Book Review: You’re Here! – by Karla Oceanak








Book: You're Here!
Author: Karla Oceanak
Illustrator: Julie Rowan-Zoch
Publisher: Bailiwick Press
Date: October 7, 2014
Genre: children's board book, year-by-year series 
Pages: 16
Price: $7.99
My rating: sweet story for baby and the whole family

You’re Here! by Karla Oceanak is a little board book heralding the arrival of a long-awaited new baby. Illustrated in subtle hues by Julie Rowan-Zoch, it is gentle and pleasing to the eye.

In only sixteen pages of a book made small enough for little hands to manage well, Baby is told how special his/her arrival is to the family. Baby’s milestone events are noted, such as first smile, first tooth, first time to crawl, and so on throughout the first year of Baby’s life. Presented in an endearing way, You’re Here! shows how much Baby has already grown, or will develop.

For other young children in the family, Julie Rowan-Zoch‘s illustrations in You’re Here! are sweet and fun to help them understand and recognize how their new sibling will change and grow just as they did.

You’re Here! by Karla Oceanak is ideal as a baby shower gift for the expected birth of a baby. At the end of the story, the parents express their joy in being selected by Baby, which also makes it a very suitable book for the adopted child.

You can find You’re Here! by Karla Oceanak on my BUY THE BOOK page. I also post my reviews on Goodreads, and when available on,, and Chapters.Indigo.

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6 responses to “Book Review: You’re Here! – by Karla Oceanak

  1. I like your reviews, they tell me just enough so that I can spread the word to students and fellow writers. Thanks for “You’re Here” today!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing our book!


  3. Lovely review of a lovely book, Lynn! I have two of Julie’s other board books…they are perfect for the very little ones. 😉


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