Colouring? Or another form of creative relaxation?

As I mentioned in my December 29 post I received some books for Christmas. Two of those are colouring books for adults.

Now, you may think a colouring book is a colouring book … all much the same, no real challenge to them. You would be mistaken – as I discovered. There is so much detail to the drawings to colour it took me awhile to get started, but once I did – I found it to be relaxing and enjoyable. I also discovered the perfectionist in me still lives. To be honest, it took me awhile to feel relaxed colouring because of the perfectionist me, but I’m doing better now, although I sometimes tend to hyper focus once I start something new.

Regardless of my fretting over what colour will go with which, and should I even start this picture … it’s so busy! … I have now completed three pages. The next thing, though, is I’m finding colouring could be my newest distraction from my writing goals!  oh me

This is the first one I completed and so far it’s my favourite.

hummingbirdThere are so many ways to interpret this art with colour. I’m not sure what my choice says about ME – (any ideas?) – seeing as I used and varied all the colours available to me.  🙂 Another more subtle shading would have resulted in a calmer image.

Ah well, there is a lot I have yet to learn about myself, I’m sure.  

How about you? Have you found a creative form of relaxation that suits you, something that nurtures creative you?

Thanks for reading, and Creative Musings!  🙂


8 responses to “Colouring? Or another form of creative relaxation?

  1. Your picture is exquisite. I just love it! Colouring can be so therapeutic. I would think of it more as an enhancement to your writing as opposed to a distraction.


    • Awww, thanks Darlene! You warmed my heart. 🙂
      I like the idea of colouring as being an enhancement to my writing rather than a distraction. Thanks for a better perspective.


  2. I think the first one you did is stunning Lynn. Well done. I hope it’s as relaxing as it’s supposed to be.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  3. That’s really cool! 😀


  4. That picture is worthy of a frame and a place on the wall, Lynn. Just beautiful! I received a coloring book for Christmas, too, and I just love it. I’m NOT good at it. I can’t stay in the lines, and with my vision, it’s difficult for me to tell where the lines are!! But still I have so much fun deciding on the colors and improvising when I color outside the lines to make my mistakes look as if they were planned! My other creative outlet for relaxation is playing the piano. What a joy!!


    • Who says you have to stay inside the lines, anyway? Use them as guidelines and have fun with it. 🙂
      Piano … I didn’t progress very far with my lessons, although I wish I could play now.


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