Book Review: Buster the Little Garbage Truck – by Marcia Berneger




Book: Buster the Little Garbage Truck
Author: Marcia Berneger
Illustrator: Kevin Zimmer
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Date: April 1, 2015
Genre: Picture book; age 3-6; Preschool - 1
Pages: 32
Price: $14.99
My rating: A good story to encourage children to be 
confident and brave


Buster the Little Garbage Truck, written by Marcia Berneger, is a story young children will relate to and understand.

Buster admired his father and all the other trucks who were big and capable. He wanted so much to be just like his father. He even practiced doing big truck things like lifting and beeping when he played with his best friend, Kitty, a small kitten.

One day his father took Buster along when he went to work. Buster was excited until all his dad’s friends came over and welcomed him with their loud honks and beeps. He was so afraid of the noise that he skidded to his daddy’s side and wouldn’t leave him all day. His dad didn’t know what to do about him.

At home again Buster tried to get unafraid, but he didn’t know how to not be scared by loud noises. How could he ever be like his dad and work with other big trucks if he is afraid?

One day Kitty was in danger. Buster tried to beep a warning, but he couldn’t be heard. He had to save his friend!

Buster the Little Garbage Truck is sweetly illustrated by Kevin Zimmer. Children will love the bright friendly tone of the pictures and will also enjoy finding out how Buster’s courage comes out. This is a very well told story to encourage little children that they, too, can overcome their fears.

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4 responses to “Book Review: Buster the Little Garbage Truck – by Marcia Berneger

  1. Seems like a good book if you have a child afraid of loud noises!


  2. This looks like a cute way to talk about facing one’s fears! 🙂


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