My “have read” 2019 book list

I love books. Here I’m listing the books I’ve read this year. I hope you find a title here that interests you. NOTE: if there are any you’d like to purchase please go to my page BUY THE BOOK! to see if it is listed there. You can follow direct links, making it easier for you.
In blue I’ve  indicated which books are reviewed here on my blog. Also, any book I have marked *(ARC)* is an Advanced Reading Copy I was given in exchange for my free and honest review.
Purple is to indicate the books I read listened to on Audible so that I can do other things at the same time as “reading.”(Refer to Most of those are novels.
In green are other books I’ve read that are usually middle grade (not picture books, but may be story books with pictures) and a few novels.
My reading interests vary widely. If you’re interested in any on this list or are encouraged to read more, too, do let me know! If you have suggestions of what may look good in my reading stash I’d love to hear about it so I can add it to my private to-be-read list.
:) Happy year of Reading!



  1. A Year of Tenacity: 365 daily devotions – by Janet Sketchley  (Last year’s read-through finished a day late)
  2. Strong Ending: a Journey from Combat to Comedy – by Audible originals
  3. Have a Nice Day! by Billy Crystal
  4. Heart of Darkness – by Joseph Conrad
  5. 10 Little Kisses – by Taylor Garland
  6. The 12 Sleighs of Christmas – by Sherri Duskey Rinker
  7. Missing May – by Cynthia Rylant
  8. Steam Train, Dream Train COLORS – by Sherri Duskey Rinker
  9. A Bad Case of Stripes – by David Shannon
  10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Soul – by Susan Verde
  11. Bats in the Band – by Brian Lies
  12. Pony Crazy – by Catherine Hapka
  13. Crybaby – by Karen Beaumont
  14. Zola’s Elephant – by Randall de Sève
  15. Good Boy, Fergus! – by David Shannon
  16. The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza – by David Shannon
  17. A Fire Truck Named Red – by Randall de Sève
  18. Santa Clauses: Short Poems from the North Pole – by Bob Raczka
  19. Good Night, Gorilla – by Peggy Rathmann
  20. I am Peace: a Book of Mindfulness – by Susan Verde
  21. Love, Santa – by Martha Brockenbrough
  22. Oh, No! – by Candace Fleming
  23. City Dog, Country Frog – by Mo Willems
  24. The Great Day – by Taro Gomi
  25. How Georgie Radbourn Saved Baseball – by David Shannon
  26. What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: a very messy adventure – by Refe & Susan Tuma
  27. Got to Get to Bear’s! – By Brian Lies
  28. On Gull Beach – by Jane Yolen
  29. The Great Christmas Crisis – by Kim Norman
  30. The Best Parts of Christmas – by Bethanie Deeney Murguia
  31. Giraffes Can’t Dance – by Giles Andreae
  32. Sea Prayer – by Khaled Hosseine
  33. The Bunyans – by Audrey Wood
  34. Steam Train, Dream Train 1-2-3 – by Sherri Duskey Rinker
  35. Bear Stays Up For Christmas – by Karma Wilson
  36. The Starry Giraffe – by Andy Bergmann
  37. Mona Parsons: from privilege to prison, from Nova Scotia to Nazi Europe – by Andria Hill-Lehr
  38. The Queen: Aretha Franklin – by Mikal Gilmore
  39. The Alchemist – by Paulo Coelho
  40. Super Saurus Saves Kindergarten – by Deborah Underwood
  41. The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall Imperial Russia – by Candace Fleming
  42. The Stable Where Jesus Was Born – by Rhonda Gowler Greene
  43. The Book of Boy –  by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
  44. So Many Sounds – by Tim McCanna
  45. Guyku: a Year of Haiku for Boys – by Bob Raczka
  46. Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey – by Robert Byrd
  47. Operation Rescue Dog – by Marie Gianferrari
  48. The Mitten – by Jan Brett
  49. Before She was Harriet – by Lesa Cline-Ransome
  50. How to Code a Sandcastle – by Josh Funk
  51. Knock Knock – by Tammi Sauer
  52. Ninja Red Riding Hood – by Corey Rosen Schwartz
  53. Ballet Cat: The Totally Secret Secret – by Bob Shea
  54. Joy in Mudville – by Bob Raczka
  55. Antoinette – by Kelly DiPucchio
  56. Door – by Jihyeon Lee
  57. Balloons Over Broadway: the true story of the puppeteer of Macy’s Parade – by Melissa Sweet
  58. Lila and the Crow – by Gabrielle Grimard
  59. Gershon’s Monster: a story for the Jewish New Year – by Eric A. Kimmel
  60. The Snurtch – by Sean Ferrell
  61. Making a Friend – by Tammi Sauer
  62. Love, Agnes: Postcards from an Octopus – by Irene Latham
  63. Chicken Talk – by Patricia MacLachlan
  64. The Man on the Mountaintop – by Susan Trott
  65. The Inkling – by Kenneth Oppel
  66. Lemonade and Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word – by Bob Raczka
  67. The Gumazing Gum Girl! chews your destiny – by Rhode Montijo
  68. ‘Twas Nochebuena: a Christmas in English and Spanish – by Roseanne Greenfield Thong
  69. The Terrible Two’s Last Laugh – by Mac Barnett
  70. Z is for Zamboni: a Hockey Alphabet – by Matt Napier
  71. The Christmas Crocodile – by Bonny Becker
  72. All About Rattlesnakes – by Jim Arnosky
  73. Painting the Wind – by Patricia MacLachlan
  74. Apple Tree Christmas – by Trinka Hakes Noble
  75. The Witch of Blackbird Pond – by Elizabeth George Spears
  76. Bats at the Ballgame – by Brian Lies
  77. Dragons Love Tacos – by Adam Rubin
  78. Dragons Love Tacos 2: the sequel – by Adam Rubin
  79. Out of the Blue – by Alison Jay
  80. Zen Shorts – by Jon J. Muth
  81. Who Needs a Bath? – by Jeff Mack
  82. The Animals’ Santa – by Jan Brett
  83. The Girl Who Drew Butterflies: how Maria Merian’s art changed science – by Joyce Sidman
  84. The Fold – by Peter Cline
  85. Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores – by Jen Campbell
  86. Then She Was Gone – by Lisa Jewell
  87. Wiggles (TouchThinkLearn) – by Claire Zucchelli-Romer
  88. Square – by Mac Barnett
  89. The Andromeda Strain – by Michael Crichton
  90. You’ll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch – by Pat Hutchins
  91. I Already Know I Love You – by Billy Crystal


  1. Hi, Bob! – by Bob Newhart
  2. Heroes of the Holocaust: True Stories of Rescues by Teens – by  Allan Zullo
  3. Hello, Love! – by Taro Miura
  4. The Paperboy – by Dav Pilkey
  5. The Little Drummer Boy – by Ezra Jack Keats
  6. Grandma Drove the Lobsterboat – by Katie Clark
  7. A Giraffe and a Half – by Shel Silverstein
  8. Forever Young – song by Bob Dylan; illustrated by Paul Rogers
  9. 10 Little Chicks – by Taylor Garland
  10. T. Rex Time Machine – by Jared Chapman
  11. Sleep, Sheep! – by Kerry Lyn Sparrow
  12. Places to Be – by Mac Barnett
  13. Look – by Fiona Woodcock
  14. Neither – by Airlie Anderson
  15. Me and My Fear – by Francesca Sanna
  16. Earthrise: Apollo 8 and the photo that changed the world – by James Gladstone
  17. The Wild Christmas Reindeer – by Jan Brett
  18. Follow the Goose Butt to Nova Scotia – by Odette Barr
  19. Fluffy and Baron – by Laura Rankin
  20. Blue Whale: The World’s Biggest Mammal – by Molly Smith
  21. If I Had a Horse – by Gianna Marino
  22. Amelia to Zora: Twenty-Six Women Who Changed the World – by Cynthia Chin-Lee
  23. Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing – by Kay A. Haring
  24. Treat – by Mary Sullivan
  25. Sugaring Time – by Kathryn Lasky
  26. Hedgehog Needs a Hug – by Jen Betton
  27. Hands Up! – by Breanna J. McDaniel
  28. Mrs. Harkness and the Panda – by Alicia Potter
  29. A Family for Old Mill Farm – by Shutta Crum
  30. If I Had an Old House on the East Coast – by Wanda Baxter
  31. BookSpeak! Poems About Books – by Laura Purdie Salas
  32. For the Tiger – by Corey R. Tabor
  33. But I Don’t Eat Ants – by Dan Marvin
  34. Moby Dick – by Herman Melville
  35. Egg and Spoon – by Gregory Maguire
  36. The Tattooist of Auschwitz – by Heather Morris
  37. Henry Aaron’s Dream – by Matt Tavares
  38. Are You Scared Darth Vader? – by Adam Rex
  39. King Baby – by Kate Beaton
  40. A Boy and a Jaguar – by Alan Rabinowitz
  41. Carson Crosses Canada – by Linda Bailey
  42. Herstory: 50 Women and Girls Who Shook up the World – by Katherine Halligan
  43. 12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers – by Doug Stanton
  44. Will Giraffe Laugh? – by Hilary Leung
  45. Creature Features – by Steve Jenkins
  46. Wolfsnail: a Barkyard Predator – by Sarah C. Campbell
  47. A Whisper in the Snow – by Kate Westerlund
  48. Zoe and the Fawn – by Catherine Jameson
  49. Fritz and the Beautiful Horses – by Jan Brett
  50. Kindergarten, Here I Come! – by D. J. Steinberg
  51. The Day You Begin – by Jacqueline Woodson
  52. When Planet Earth Was New – by James Gladstone
  53. If You Had a Jetpack – by Lisl H. Detlefsen
  54. Follow the Moon Home: A Tale of One Idea, Twenty Kids, and a Hundred Sea Turtles – by Philippe Cousteau
  55. Cockatoo, Too – by Bethanie Deeney Murguia
  56. How to Babysit a Grandma – by Jean Reagan
  57. Monster’s New Undies – by Samantha Berger
  58. Pretty Kitty – by Karen Beaumont
  59. How to Catch a Santa – by Jean Reagan
  60. How to Scare a Ghost – by Jean Reagan
  61. There’s a Monster in Your Book – by Tom Fletcher
  62. Octopus’s Garden – by Ringo Start
  63. Snug – by Carol Thompson
  64. Girls Think of Everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women – by Catherine Thimmesh
  65. Wimberly Worried – by Kevin Henkes
  66. Color Dance – by Ann Jonas
  67. Be Still, Life – by Ohara Hale
  68. Go Fish – by Tammi Sauer
  69. Carmine a Little More Red – by Melissa Sweet
  70. Bear and Wolf – by Daniel Salmieri
  71. This is NOT a Valentine – by Carter Higgins

MARCH 2019:

  1. All The King’s Men – by Robert Penn Warren
  2. The Foot Book – by Dr. Seuss
  3. Bluenose Adventure – by Jacqueline Halsey
  4. Mama Built a Little Nest – by Jennifer Ward
  5. The Littlest Things Gives the Loveliest Hugs – by Mark Sperring
  6. Penguinaut – by Marcie Colleen
  7. Balance the Birds – by Susie Ghahremani
  8. Mervin the Sloth is About to do the Best Thing in the World – by Colleen Venable
  9. Stegothesaurus – by Bridget Heos
  10. Giraffe Problems – by Jory John
  11. Be Kind – by Pat Zietlow Miller
  12. Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs – by Tomie DePaola
  13. Cat Heaven – by Cynthia Rylant
  14. Mine! – by Jeff Mack
  15. Found – by Jeff Newman
  16. Nothing Stopped Sophie: The Story of Unshakable Mathematician Sophie Germain – by Cheryl Bardoe
  17. Mighty, Mighty Construction Site – by Sherri Duskey Rinker
  18. Hello, Lighthouse – by Sophie Blackall
  19. The Wall in the Middle of the Book – by Jon Agee
  20. Come Look With Me: Discovering Women Artists for Children – by Jennifer Tara Coyne
  21. The Little House – by Virginia Lee Burton
  22. How To Get Your Teacher Ready – by Jean Reagan
  23. How to Raise a Mom – by Jean Reagan
  24. If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don’t! – by Elise Parsley
  25. If You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, Don’t! – by Elise Parsley
  26. If You Ever Want to Bring a Pirate to Meet Santa, Don’t! – by Elise Parsley
  27. How to Train a Train – by Jason Carter Eaton
  28. How to Track a Truck – by Jason Carter Eaton
  29. Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Library – by Julie Gassman
  30. Be Glad Your Dad is not an Octopus! – by Matthew Logelin and Sara Jensen
  31. Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish – by Beth Ferry
  32. You Don’t Want a Unicorn! – by Ame Dyckman
  33. How to Babysit a Grandpa – by Jean Reagan
  34. There’s a Dragon in Your Book – by Tom Fletcher
  35. Sun! One in a Billion – by Stacy McAnulty
  36. The Unremembered Girl – by Eliza Maxwell
  37. Cloth Lullaby: The Woven Life of Louise Bourgeois – by Amy Novesky
  38. The Boo-Boos That Changed the World: a true story about an accidental invention (really!) – by Barry Wittenstein
  39. Pass Go and Collect $200: the real story of how MONOPOLY was invented – by Tanya Lee Stone
  40. Ada’s Violin – by Susan Hood
  41. Big Red Barn – by Margaret Wise Brown
  42. Yucky Worms – by Vivian French
  43. Plant a Kiss – by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  44. Marvelous Cornelius: Hurricane Katrina and the Spirit of New Orleans – by Phil Bildner
  45. Jamberry – by Bruce Degen
  46. Time for Bed – by Mem Fox
  47. Maya Was Grumpy – by Courtney Pippin-Mathur
  48. The Stuff of Stars – by Marion Dane Bauer
  49. Your Alien – by Tammi Sauer
  50. 7 Ate 9: The untold story – by Tara Lazar
  51. Dreamers – by Yuyi Morales
  52. Vampirina Ballerina – by Anne Marie Pace
  53. Dragons Love Tacos – by Adam Rubin
  54. The Faithful Spy: a true story! Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the plot to Kill Hitler – by John Hendrix
  55. Born Bad – by C. K. Smouha
  56. The Bell Rang – by James E. Ransome
  57. Thank You, Omu – by Oge Mora
  58. Niko Draw a Feeling – by Bob Raczka
  59. How to Surprise a Dad – by Jean Reagan
  60. A Friend for Henry – by Jenn Bailey
  61. Miss Todd and Her Wonderful Flying Machine – by Frances Poletti & Kristina Yee
  62. The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristoby Tom Reiss
  63. A Big Mooncake for Little Star – by Grace Lin
  64. Prickly Hedgehogs! – by Jane McGuinness
  65. Egg – by Kevin Henkes
  66. Click, Clack, Peep – by Doreen Cronin
  67. Planting the Seeds of Love: a novella – by N.N. Light
  68. Jessica and Rescue: a Life-Changing Friendship – by Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes
  69. The Girl Who Ran: Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon – by Frances Poletti & Kristina Yee
  70. Listen: How Pete Seeger Got America Singing – by Leda Schubert
  71. The Rough Patch – by Brian Lies
  72. The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World’s Coral Reefs – by Kate Messner
  73. Wolfie the Bunny – by Ame Dyckman
  74. Bob, Not Bob! – by Liz Garton Scanlon & Audrey Vernick
  75. Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great – by Bob Shea
  76. The Cookie Fisaco – by Dan Santat
  77. Hey-Ho, to Mars We’ll Go!: a space-age version of “The Farmer in the Dell” – by Susan Lendroth
  78. The Fog – by Kyo Maclear
  79. The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands – by Lysa TerKeurst
  80. Seeing Stars: A Complete Guide to the 88 Constellations – by Sara Gillingham
  81. A Song For Gwendolyn Brooks – by Alice Faye Duncan
  82. I Will Not Eat You – by Adam Lehrhaupt
  83. One Word From Sophia – by Jim Averbeck
  84. Komodo Dragon: the world’s biggest lizard – by Natalie Lunis
  85. Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: an exhibition catalogue – by Bill Watterson
  86. The Snowy Nap – by Jan Brett
  87. I’m New Here – by Anne Sibley O’Brien
  88. The Rabbit Listened – by Cori Doerrfeld
  89. You Hold Me Up – by Monique Gray Smith
  90. Strictly No Elephants – by Lisa Mantchev
  91. Hazelnut Days – by Emmanuel Bourdier
  92. Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station – by Dorothy Gilman
  93. The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight – by Elli Woollard
  94. Zog and the Flying Doctors – by Axel Scheffler
  95. Doris the Bookasaurus – by Diana Murray
  96. Huggy the Python Hugs Too Hard – by Ame Dyckman
  97. Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs – by Byron Barton
  98. The Road Home – by Katie Cotton
  99. Little Excavator – by Anna Dewdney
  100. Leatherback Turtle: The World’s Heaviest Reptile – by Kirsten Hall
  101. Jabari Jumps – by Gaia Cornwall
  102. Arrr, Mustache Baby! – by Bridget Heos
  103. The Giant Jumperee – by Julia Donaldson
  104. Little Brown – by Marla Frazee
  105. I Will Not Eat You – by Adam Lehrhaupt
  106. The Iridescence of Birds: a book about Henri Matisse – by Patricia MacLachlan
  107. Monster’s New Undies – by Samantha Berger
  108. Bug in a Vacuum – by Melanie Watt
  109. Come On, Rain! – by Karen Hesse
  110. Nugget & Fang: Friends Forever – or Snack TIme? – by Tammi Sauer
  111. Dear Substitute – by Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick
  112. Julián is a Mermaid – by Jessica Love
  113. La Princesa and the Pea – by Susan Middleton Elya