Book Review: Saltwater Joys – by Wayne Chaulk







Book: Saltwater Joys
Author: Wayne Chaulk
Illustrator: Dawn Baker
Publisher: Flanker Press
Date: August 20, 2012
Genre: children's picture book; music
Pages: 25
Price: $12.95 
My rating: A popular Newfoundland song with beautiful 


Saltwater Joys written by Wayne Chaulk is the picture book form of a well-known song also written by Wayne Chaulk. Wayne is a member of the Newfoundland music comedy group called Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. My husband and I had the privilege of seeing the funny and very musically talented group in concert this spring.

Saltwater Joys expresses one’s love and joy of living by the ocean, especially in Newfoundland. The author tells of the quiet of mornings near the water, having the thrill of seeing icebergs in springtime, seeing amazingly beautiful sunsets over the ocean, the hard living and tight family connections. 

There is no place like Newfoundland, and the author fittingly relates this sentiment in the words of the song and now the book. Although he tried other places, his heart belongs to Newfoundland; he can’t stay away.

Saltwater Joys is a sweet story, and the fabulous illustrations by Dawn Baker capture the story in realistic visuals.

At the back of the book is the sheet music for the song, and the lyrics are on the facing page.

You can find Saltwater Joys by Wayne Chaulk on my BUY THE BOOK page. I also post my reviews on,, Goodreads, and on Chapters.Indigo if available there. (For this book I don’t recommend buying from because of the price.)

Your comments here for the author and illustrator are very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


2 responses to “Book Review: Saltwater Joys – by Wayne Chaulk

  1. I love when a popular song is made into a picture book. I used to use books like this when teaching English as a Second Language. The new immigrants loved them and got to know more about Canad while learning the language.


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