Book Review: Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore

Book: Magic Under Glass
Author: Jaclyn Dolamore
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Date: January 2010
Genre: Fantasy (paranormal)
Pages: 225, hard cover
Price: $16.99 US
My Rating: Intriguing, entertaining, hard to put down

I first learned of Magic Under Glass in a writer’s chat room where I ‘met’ the author. Enthusiasm for this book was high so I added it to my long list of “must reads.” I don’t regret it. Once I started reading this novel it didn’t take long to make my way through it. Why? I didn’t want to quit until reaching the end!

The story is about Nimira, a young dancer and singer who left her own country to make her fortune elsewhere. As is often the case, she fell on hard times instead, but eventually she is approached by a wealthy gentleman (who happens to be a sorcerer) who has better plans for her – an offer she is willing to chance. From that point the author swept me into a fantastical adventure of mystery and magic, murder and mayhem, but also love and loyalty and hope.

Nimira is hired to sing as the accompaniment to an automaton that is rumoured to be haunted and that plays music on a keyboard. What Nim discovers impacts her life and draws her into the power struggle between good and evil, fairies and men, hope and impossible love.

For the reader who enjoys paranormal and fantasy, Magic Under Glass isn’t overly involved and has a bizarre side to it that is quite inventive.

I enjoyed this novel, the first I’ve read of its kind, but – yes, there is a ‘but’ – it ends so abruptly I was taken aback. I was so into the story that I was expecting another chapter, at least. It left me asking, is there more? Is there another book to finish this? So, well done, Jaclyn Dolamore!

You can find Magic Under Glass listed on my BUY THE BOOK! page.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


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