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News item: Cat delays flight

I heard on the radio this morning about a cat that escaped from its cage on an airplane – just before take off. It hid under the wiring under cockpit boards and the plane could not leave until the boards had been lifted, cat extricated, then all checked for possible damage before the boards were replaced.

I have to say, I sympathize with the owner of that cat. Talk about life’s embarrassing moments! It must have been stressful and so embarrassing, and frustrating when the animal would not come out. Also, think how it must have felt when dozens of people were delayed because of this situation. The airline ended up arranging new connections for inconvenienced passengers, some going on their vacations.

From the news clip I came up with this scenario and posted it as a poem (prose) in the Month Of Poetry challenge. And just an added note: I do not hate cats.

Here kitty, kitty
come back to your cage!
plane has to lift off now
everyone is waiting …
here kitty, kitty!

where did she go?
I’m so sorry, she’s afraid ..
here kitty, come back to me
(how embarrassing)
Time for take-off, Ma’am.

Under the cockpit boards?
oh dear, here kitty, come out!
please …. come out?
Get a maintenance crew in here!
departure now on delay

Up — the floor boards
Out — the terrified cat
Unhappy — full load of passengers
Missed — important connections
Take off — four hours late

Cat ..
– now travelling in baggage area
overheard passenger ..
– I hate cats!

Have you had an embarrassing moment anything like this?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂

I received The Versatile Blogger award!

It is always nice to receive positive recognition and appreciation, isn’t it?

It was seven weeks ago (yikes! has it really been that long?) I learned that I was the recipient of a blogging award, given to me by a fellow blogger. That’s how most of them work.

This is my second Versatile Blogger award, but my first one is no longer prominent, it was moved to My Awards and Badges page because of the theme I was using. This one I will stick right on the front page for awhile.

You can read about my first one HERE. Laura Best gave that one to me when I was in desperate need of the encouraging boost it provided me – and didn’t even know I needed it. This second one serves as encouragement to keep on, even when things in my life get complicated and time for writing is harder to find.

There are rules to be followed for such awards, this one has three, so here goes:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.THANK YOU, Renee Johnson! I do appreciate it.  Check out Renee’s blog:
  2. Reveal 7 things about yourself.
    1. Thirty-five years of marriage and I love my beloved more now than ever. The trick is to never give up when the going gets rough.
    2. I have always made my home in  Nova Scotia, and love this beautiful province!
    3. I love being able to access the Internet because of all the contacts I have made/am making and all I have learned/am learning that are helping me in my writing pursuit. Some of my dearest friends I have never met in person yet.
    4. I love hilarious laughter and making people laugh.
    5. I love the ocean – my healing place – the sounds, the smells, the awesomeness, but even though I love the water, I do not swim.
    6. I’m discovering another good reason to never grow old is to be able to “think like a kid” when writing for children.

    7. I am discovering my love of writing but have yet to mine the depths of what I can do, who I really am as a writer. Perhaps this is something about me we are discovering together .. you and I .. as time goes on.

  3. Nominate and link to 15 bloggers. Then be sure to let them know! Now, this took me lots of time to choose people who have not already received this award and are deserving of it. First, I wondered how I would find fifteen, but then it was so hard to narrow it down! I hope you will visit each one, because they all have something great to offer, being writers. And even if you are not a writer and this would not interest you .. please check them out. They have more to say than just about writing, they are smart, creative people.

1. This Kid Reviews Books – Erik is a ten-year-old you will want to meet

2. Sue Harrison – a successful author and wonderful person with a diverse blog, including the sharing of her writing experience

3. Catherine Johnson – a Canadian writer of children’s stories, who also loves to write in rhyme

4. Diane Tibert – a talented writer here in Nova Scotia

5. Jamie Dement – one smart cookie who writes great stuff

6. Darlene Foster – Canadian author of adventure series children’s books

7. Sheri Swift – finding joy in the journey as an author

8. Linda Cassidy Lewis – author of newly released book

9. Donna Martin – focused on encouraging and inspiring other writers

10. Denise Bruce – enthusiastic children’s writer

11. Julie Hedlund – writer, great helps on her blog, creator of writing challenge for 2012 ( 12×12 in 12)

12. Shelli Johannes– Market My Words – great blog with loads of writing information

13. Jennifer Kearbey – aspiring author who makes me laugh on her blog

14. Linda Leinen – writing from a lifetime of experience and experiences

15. Rob Sanders – provides a daily guide to picture book writing

2012 Month of Poetry and “12×12 in 2012”

It seems I closed my eyes for just a moment, and when I opened them again ..  there it was .. gone! 😉

                                                         P O O F !

The first half of the first month of this new year has been used up already! And what, I wonder, did I do with my portion of it? There is not much I feel I have accomplished thus far.

In my last post I mentioned signing up for two writing challenges – #MOP for the whole month of January, and 12×12 in 2012 which is for the whole year.


Since 2008, Month of Poetry has been coordinated by Australian poet and children’s author, Kat Apel. You can visit her here: and check out #MOP here:

Last year I participated in #MOP and fully enjoyed it, so this year I signed on again. Each day participants are to write a poem, anything at all (as long as it is child appropriate because there are even a few very young ones taking part, too), and post it to the board if wanting to share. The posting is not a requirement but in doing so it is inspiring and fun and helps draw ‘poets’ together in the sharing. This is not a competition, nor is it set up with prizes or anything. It is to encourage those who love to write poetry, opening up the possibilities and getting the creative poetic juices flowing.  Kat gives suggestions for improvement where necessary, as do other fellow writers, and it is a great way to learn as you go.

I have been finding it harder this year to write anything, including poetry, but I am still working at it. For today I wrote a poem about words. This little verse is the much simpler short verse I extricated from it before posting the more involved part of the poem to the board. I thought I’d share the orphaned part here as it just didn’t belong with the rest.

Words to share my heart’s intent
words to change and reinvent
I need words to clearly say
what is on my mind today

If you are a writer then you know what a love-hate relationship we can have with words. Sometimes they are sweet in one’s mouth and mind, sometimes the most difficult of partners, sometimes they amaze, sometimes they dismay, sometimes they are right there .. readily accessible, sometimes they just will not surface when wanted. This is the way it has been for me the past several months. A mixture of challenges but more difficult than easy. Even so, I believe that it is important that I write, perhaps only for my own sanity, but perhaps for something yet unknown down the road.

12×12 in 2012

This challenge – found here: – is headed up by Julie Hedlund. Check out her blog here:

In Julie’s words: “write one picture book per month for each of the twelve months of 2012. This means a first draft: beginning, middle, end. NOT a submission-ready piece.”

Her idea came out of PiBoIdMo – Picture Book Idea Month – when she realized she still needed to do something with all her ideas. You can check out my December 8, 2011 post: regarding my efforts in November 2011, and if you are interested you can read through my November 2010 posts for more. Although I had come up with 44 ideas in 2010, I had not pulled together one manuscript (naughty me!), and with almost that many more this year I knew I had to do something with those to honour the pledge I’d made in signing up. Then along came 12×12 in 2012! (Thanks, Julie!)

You may wonder how I’m doing with that so far. Ummm, wellll … to be honest I have barely looked at my pages and pages of ideas, other than skimming them and selecting the ones I think have possibility, but I am going to try to get one story seriously worked on this month. And since there are only two weeks left I have to get a move on!

What are you doing with your goals so far this year?

If you are a writer, is your Muse keeping you busy?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂

Inspiring writing reminder

“I wonder how old we are when we stop thinking like kids?”  – This Kid Reviews Books  (Quote used with permission. Thanks, Erik!)

New year, new plans, blog updates

How did a new year get here so quickly! Already I am having to adjust to writing new numbers ..  2 0 1 2 .. and hoping I don’t make some dumb dating mistakes. (dating on paper – cheques, letters – to clarify that meaning. 🙂 ) This set of numbers seems odd to realize, though. And there are those who believe this year will bring monumental change .. world ending? oh, who knows! Does it really matter whether we even know when it’s coming or not? It ends when it ends, there is nothing we can do about it. If we worry about having time to make things right with God or someone else, then it’s best not to wait .. do it now! Personally, I’m not worried. I’ll just keep living my life and trusting God through it all.

But I do have new plans, or maybe it is just an amped up version of the old plans. Reading and writing. Writing and reading. I have signed up for #MOP (Month of Poetry) which means I am to write a poem a day this month, and I also signed up for 12×12 in 2012 so that the story ideas I compiled in November the last two years through PiBoIdMo can be shaped into story books .. twelve of them! One a month. Hopefully, I can expound upon those two writing ventures in later posts, as time allows.

In case you didn’t notice, I updated my blog pages a bit, too. And I hope to find a better theme for my blog, one that will accommodate the extra badges I want and should put up. Not all of them will show right now so there must be a limit on this theme. Eventually, I will get ‘er done, and I hope you will not mind the in-between time until I get it right.

What are your goals for 2012? Notice I didn’t say resolutions, I seem to fail with those, but maybe you succeed? Do tell!

What are your dreams and plans for this new year? I’d love to hear about them. 

Maybe you are already on the road to something new and wonderful? I’m ready to enjoy your story.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂