News item: Cat delays flight

I heard on the radio this morning about a cat that escaped from its cage on an airplane – just before take off. It hid under the wiring under cockpit boards and the plane could not leave until the boards had been lifted, cat extricated, then all checked for possible damage before the boards were replaced.

I have to say, I sympathize with the owner of that cat. Talk about life’s embarrassing moments! It must have been stressful and so embarrassing, and frustrating when the animal would not come out. Also, think how it must have felt when dozens of people were delayed because of this situation. The airline ended up arranging new connections for inconvenienced passengers, some going on their vacations.

From the news clip I came up with this scenario and posted it as a poem (prose) in the Month Of Poetry challenge. And just an added note: I do not hate cats.

Here kitty, kitty
come back to your cage!
plane has to lift off now
everyone is waiting …
here kitty, kitty!

where did she go?
I’m so sorry, she’s afraid ..
here kitty, come back to me
(how embarrassing)
Time for take-off, Ma’am.

Under the cockpit boards?
oh dear, here kitty, come out!
please …. come out?
Get a maintenance crew in here!
departure now on delay

Up — the floor boards
Out — the terrified cat
Unhappy — full load of passengers
Missed — important connections
Take off — four hours late

Cat ..
– now travelling in baggage area
overheard passenger ..
– I hate cats!

Have you had an embarrassing moment anything like this?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂


8 responses to “News item: Cat delays flight

  1. That is too funny. I am sure cats all over the world are cheering for said cat! Once a flight I was on to NYC was delayed in Toronto because of a problem with the luggage carousel. A repair man appeared and dislodged the soft sided suitcase that was stuck in the dispenser. When the carousel started up again, the first bag to come out was the one that had caused the problem and delay. Guess what? Iit was mine! And I had to retrieve it in front of all those annoyed passengers!! I know how the cat owner feels.


    • haha… oh, Darlene. How awkward and embarrassing for you. I laughed because of the way it was told .. and, well, it was funny! hindsight, right? Actually, it wasn’t really your fault, anyway.
      Thanks so much for sharing this story.
      Blessings. 🙂


  2. This is SO FUNNY! – your poem I mean 🙂 Ms. Foster’s story was funny too! I don’t have a story to share but I liked reading yours 🙂


  3. I have a vision of my kitty, Dixie Rose, in that situation. Someone would be dead or seriously injured before the whole thing was resolved – and I’m not willing to put bets on who it would be.

    Any cat owner can hear the tone in those first words -“Here, kitty, kitty…”
    It’s a combination of pleading and resignation. You know the danged animal isn’t going to come. It’s a cat!


  4. I love how you turned this news item into a story! As a mother, I know the embarrassment of having a screaming baby that just won’t stop – even if it is not your fault or the child’s. Hard to deal with all of those dirty looks.


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