Just write, keep moving forward. Also titled:I joined NaNoWriMo!

Last night I did it!  I joined NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month challenge that is scheduled for the whole month of November annually.  Then I discovered that there are over 500 people in Nova Scotia who have signed on, a few are in my area.

As I mentioned in my post of August 19 ’10, the challenge is to write 50,000 words, with NO editing until December 1 at the earliest.  Just write.  Keep writing … 1667 words a day will make it just over the goal.

I don’t know what I am going to write about in November.  Already I have been praying that God will bring something to mind by November 1 that will fit the bill.  If He doesn’t it could be quite nonsensical, which is totally acceptable as long as I’m writing .. something .. anything.  Just write, keep moving forward.

That sounds like the challenge of life, doesn’t it?  It is coming into the time of year when my body reacts to not enough sunshine, and depression threatens.  Keep moving forward.  Don’t let it stop you!  That is what I have had to take hold of and walk out.  It is a frame of mind, and when the mind is affected by not enough sunshine it just gets to feeling blah, which affects the body, and everything becomes harder to accomplish.  I need challenges, not overwhelming ones, but things that stimulate my mind and help me to keep going.  Depression is a horrible thing, I’ve lived through some miserably dark times in that state over the years.  The past two years have been much better than many before them, and I am determined to stay on top of it this winter too.  NaNoWriMo may prove to be one way to keep me going.

Do you plan to join NaNoWriMo this year?
Do you or someone you know suffer from depression?
Perhaps the writing challenge can make this winter’s dark hours more easily handled by getting you started on a novel.  Or … to help you just write and/or keep moving forward.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


10 responses to “Just write, keep moving forward. Also titled:I joined NaNoWriMo!

  1. Congratulations on taking the big step! I still haven’t decided (and probably won’t until the very last moment) but I’ll be writing whether it’s on a NaNo project or something else. Good luck settling on a subject. Find an interesting character that you would like to know, think of a major complication for that person’s life and dive in. Good luck!


    • Wow, great tips, Carol, and something I would not have considered. I’m so new at this! (blush)
      I’ll have to take some serious thinking time before November 1 and follow your advice.
      Thanks so much! Blessings.


  2. Good Luck! I’ve been “Starting” a novel for about a month now and think I have enough of a handle on it to give Nano a shot. Hope to see you there.


    • Thank you for your visit.
      I have only some vague ideas for NaNo, but now I’m waiting to see what comes to mind that would work well enough for this challenge.
      I wish you the best in your efforts, too. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Wow that sounds like a lot! 🙂 I have never heard of this. I hope you think of something that will make you excited to get started! I have had some dark times. Amazingly what I found was that I felt the closest to the Lord in those times, maybe because He was all I had!


    • Hi Esther, thanks for writing. You can find info on NaNoWriMo at http://www.nanowrimo.org I just learned of it a year ago but was not ready to attempt such a thing, although I knew I would do it possibly this year. I asked questions of a few people who’ve taken part, and read the website before I finally made that step. Now I have much to get done to clear that month for NaNo writing. And yes, I think it IS a lot. 🙂

      I certainly understand about feeling closest to the Lord in the hard places. He has been my Shelter in the storm MANY times, and I would not still be here if it weren’t for Him. How precious He is! Never let go. 🙂


  4. Good for you, Lynn. I’ll be waiting to read about your progress! Best of luck. I couldn’t even consider it since I work full time during that month but I’m always in awe of those who make the commitment and stick to it.


    • Thanks, Laura. Even I will be in awe if I reach the goal! 🙂 I plan to try to keep an update going on here of my progress, and I’m hoping for a little cheering section. 🙂 I have a friend who is thinking about doing NaNo, too, so we would be sure to be nudging one another on.
      Thanks for your comment.


  5. I’ve never done NaNoWriMo, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Right now my goal is 1000-2000 words a day. Usually I’m closer to 1000.

    I understand the curse of depression all too well. For me, it has been mild and isolated, but I have family members who struggle dramatically. We all work together to get each other through it. You are wise to stay busy and keep a project to work on. Beware of stressing about it too much, though. Just have fun.


    • The closer I get to November, the more positive my feeling about NaNoWriMo. Having fun with it seems like the best idea. 🙂
      As for depression, during the ‘down’ season – taking St. John’s Wort and Vita-D, and using a special SAD lamp daily have made a huge difference for me. The Lord put it all together in my life and it has helped me to get control of the problem. Now I know that keeping busy, and stimulating my mind with good things will help me stay on top, too. Family support certainly goes a long way, as well.

      Thanks so much for your comments. 🙂


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