Customer service worth talking about

Just a quick post to tell you about some good customer service I experienced today.

I have an online account with Chapters.Indigo … (Coles bookstore is a few miles from where I live.  Same thing.)  I recorded birthdays on my account page and they send me reminders with a percentage off coupon against purchase of a book.  I try to use them but don’t always.  Yesterday I was pleased to receive the reminder as there is a book I want to buy, but even though it said the coupon was attached – it wasn’t!

Now, I appreciate those coupons.  I like books.  And I like to buy books as gifts.  So, I sent Chapters.Indigo an email to inform them of the discrepancy. A few hours later I received an apology, there was a technical glitch, and if I set up another birthday reminder they will resend.  I did that.

This morning I received a new email from them saying the coupon was included – again it wasn’t!  So, I sent them another email simply saying sorry but the coupon is still not there.  A few hours later here is part of the reply that came — “Due to technical difficulties, our coupon generation was turned off during a recent upgrade to our warehouses. We are unable to re-issue a new coupon, and we apologize for the inconvenience.”  Then they kindly informed me that they had deposited a credit into my online account to replace the coupon!
Now that is good business practice, and Chapters.Indigo is a company that has my business!

It is wonderful to be treated well, don’t you think?  Customer satisfaction can go a long way.
Do you have any such uplifting tales to tell?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


6 responses to “Customer service worth talking about

  1. Aw things like that just make your day don’t they? We’re book people too! 🙂


    • Definitely! With long-lasting effects. 🙂
      I’m glad to learn you love books, too. I know people who don’t and that is hard for me to understand.
      Thanks, Esther. Great to see you again.


  2. Glad things were straightened out for you. Patience often pays off.


  3. Incredible! Things like that never happen to me!


    • Oh, they don’t? Well, you have to watch for these things. Sometimes we just take for granted that what’s done is done. It pays to ask. If offers are made that don’t work out, then ask. If a business comes through for me as promised then I am more than happy to give them a little free publicity. They do good for me, I’ll do good for them. 🙂
      I hope you receive the blessing.
      Thanks for stopping in. 🙂


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