Are you enticed by distractions?

Two weeks ago I wrote about coyotes waking me in the wee hours of the morning.  Well, last night there was a full moon, and after reading until late, around 1:30 am I heard them again.  They sounded so close.  It wasn’t chilling as before but I am always captivated by their yipping and barking and howling.  I even wished I could see them doing all this, it’s fascinating.

After hearing them I got to thinking.  I know a farmer, who, when an animal in his herd dies, buries it immediately.  But I know of another farmer, when faced with the same situation, leaves it for the coyotes to clean up.  (Yes, that is me going .. ewwwww!)  And then he laments about coyotes being a nuisance around his farm.   Hmmm

Want to know where my thoughts went on that?  Bury it!  Keep the scavengers away.   If there is something to entice them they will return, you can count on it.   It’s the same with crows.   If they tear apart that bag of garbage waiting for pick-up, they will continue to come back on garbage collection days .. just in case.  They’re not stupid – although I’ve lambasted them more than once out of frustration … “Stupid crows! stay out of my garbage!

If it weren’t available to them they wouldn’t get it. There would be nothing to attract crows … or coyotes … or uninvited life forms of any kind.

Which leads me to my next point … it’s the same with sin in our lives.  When we have a bad habit or have done something which we regret, don’t leave it out for everyone to see and talk about – or in other words, don’t continue in it.   Bury it .. in Christ.  Hand it over to Him, repent, and move on without it.  Leave that negative thing behind.  It will reek of death, it will attract negatively interested parties, it will even keep enticing us to revisit it.  We must stay clear of negative influence, be it our own habit to be broken or the close company of persons with like interests of poor choice.

… And what communion has light with darkness? — 1 Corinthians 6:14c

The coyotes howl and sound exciting and wonderful but that doesn’t mean I can or should befriend them.  What looks good at a distance, up close may well lead to one’s downfall.

Are there things that entice you and lead you away into places you shouldn’t go, or even .. as for me .. into procrastination?  It seems that my biggest problem right now, and ongoing, is misuse of time.   (Any pointers?)

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!   🙂

6 responses to “Are you enticed by distractions?

  1. Misuse of time, you say? Many of us are guilty of that, myself included. I can’t offer any pointers because I obviously need some myself. It makes me cringe sometimes the amount of time that seems to pass by without my accomplishing anything productive. It seems those times that I’m working outside the home I get more accomplished than when I have the entire day for myself. I haven’t yet figured out the real reason for that.


    • When you figure it out please let me know, will you? It’s as if I am waiting for another lifetime in which to do everything I miss doing now through just not doing it. Not good!

      Thanks for posting. 🙂


  2. Very thought provoking. I am so thankful that my sin is forgiven. May I continue to move away from sin as it is revealed to me and yes leave that old stuff buried! 🙂


    • Esther, as one with much forgiven I, too, am very thankful.
      It’s amazing – how great is His love! What we have buried in Him He will not dig up to remind us. We can move further away from sin as we walk closer to Him. How blessed we are!

      Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂


  3. Ah, yes, misusing time. It’s easily one of my biggest challenges – especially when it comes to spending time online. I can spend hours working on blog drafts, or reading/responding to friends’ tweets, or on a rabbit-trail through Wikipedia. And those things aren’t exactly wasted time, but how many better things could I be doing instead?

    Really liked this post, Lynn. Thanks for the encouragement! I look forward to reading more from you.


    • Oh my, have you been reading “my mail”? Guilty! –> me. Although … I like to think I am expanding my horizons a bit, honing my writing skills, and making new acquaintances — all to my benefit. That could work! 🙂 (Um, I need a housekeeper!)

      Good to hear from you, Gwenelle. Thanks for your comment.


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