I won a book!

This evening I was in a writers online chat room, the same one I mentioned in my last post. Each Sunday evening they have a guest speaker invited to share with us there. Since I am a newcomer I have only attended two Sunday sessions but I am finding great information is being shared. At least, it is interesting to me.

As each chatter arrives, his/her name is written down by the moderator and at the halfway mark a name is drawn. Well, tonight my name was pulled out! I was so surprised! My prize? A copy of A Black Tie Affair by our guest speaker, Sherrill Bodine. How cool is that? 🙂

Have you read it yet?  Or any of her others?

Tonight I added another title to my list of books that I’ve read since Dec.  ’09. 🙂  I am also reading Gone With The Wind, a copy I have had here for years but could not get into until now.  I loved the movie which I saw in the theatre so long ago and now I’m really enjoying reading the story.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂


6 responses to “I won a book!

  1. That’s exciting, Lynn! It’s always fun winning things for some reason. I’m not familiar with this author or her book. You’ll have to let us know what you’re thoughts are on this book after you’ve read it.

    It sounds as though this online chat room is working out well for you and that you are getting a lot out of it.


  2. Hi Laura, Yes, I will be sure to post about her book. She apparently has written Harlequin books also, so you know she is not a children’s writer. 🙂

    Yes, the chat room is a friendly place, very informative, and I am enjoying it. It’s certainly a whole different world – the world of writers.


  3. Hi, Please let me know when you receive your book. Congratulations and thanks so much for your support — it means everything! xo Sherrill


    • Hi Sherrill, What a nice surprise! I most certainly will let you know when the book arrives. I am really looking forward to receiving this book and reading it.
      Thanks for posting!


  4. It’s about time you start the book that I bought you YEARS ago (14 years?) 😉 Love ya Ma


    • Wow! Has it been that long?! Stressful times then … but I am reading it now and enjoying it. In fact, I got a lot of reading done while waiting in airports and on flights west and back home again. (I love you too; it was great spending time with you.) 🙂 Gone With The Wind is a thick book but I am now half way through and still captivated by the story. Thanks for the book, Cassie.


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