What do you write when you’ve nothing to write?

Are you a person who writes a little every day?  If you are or even if you are not … what do you write when you have nothing to write about?

I was in a chat room this evening ‘listening’ to what the guest speaker had to say, and she basically said to keep writing because when inspiration hits you’d better be ready for it!   That got me thinking and wondering …

What do writers write when they can think of nothing to write?  What do writers say when they can’t find any words?  What inspires a writer when nothing is inspirational?

So, I am putting these questions out to you —

What do you write about when you have nothing to write about?

How do you get inspired?  Do you ‘brainstorm’?  Do you just start writing words and connecting words that lead to connecting words until you have a theme developing?  Or .. what DO you write??

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂


4 responses to “What do you write when you’ve nothing to write?

  1. We don’t have to produce anything earth shattering each time we sit down to write–which I’m almost certain is a good thing.lol!

    I have several works in progress so I can usually turn to something if I just can’t come up with something new that excites me.

    Look at the world with a writer’s eye. See the potential that is all around and it is everywhere.

    Do I write every day? No. I’d like to but there are times when after working a long day, I have too many other obligations or I’m simply wiped out.

    Sometimes sentences just come to me at the oddest times and I jot them down when I’m able to. Hopefully, it will inspire me at a later date.

    A really great book, is Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s way.” You might greatly benefit from it, Lynn. In it there are lots of suggestions to help unblock the artist in you. Perhaps you have this book?


    • I think that sometimes I am afraid to start for fear of not being able to shut it off. Is that crazy? Instead I may be keeping it all locked up inside me – all that creative thinking – whatever is there. It is not getting practice, nor is it being discovered.

      Thanks, Laura, for your wisdom. It is not that I don’t know some of this, but I like to stir the pot a little to find out what others are thinking and doing about such things. I appreciate your thoughts and motivations.

      I have not read that book, nor do I have it, but I had heard of it. Perhaps it is one I will need at some point, thanks for the reminder. 🙂


  2. I don’t write every day – job & life y’know. If I have nothing to say, I don’t brainstorm & stress over it. Blogging’s the same way – If it’s a struggle to come up with a post topic, chances are it won’t be fun to write & will generate very little interest, so I don’t bother. If it’s not fun – thought provoking – informative, etc from the writer’s point of view, it’ll sure be the same for the reader(s).


    • Thanks for your angle on this, Dave. Just this morning I was wondering what I should blog about .. and came up with nothing substantial. I think I will take from what you said that it wouldn’t likely be worth the effort right now, and leave it at that. Something will happen in its time. 🙂
      I am learning so much ‘rubbing cyber elbows’ with you knowledgeable writers! Thanks!


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