Inspiration is where you find it

Where do you find inspiration to write?

Today Donna asked a similar question in her blog (link in my blogroll at right) and my reply came in poetic form.   I had fun writing the poem so now I am posting it here so maybe you can get a chuckle out of it, too.   I hope you enjoy it. 🙂   And, btw, where DO you find inspiration to write?

Inspiration Is Where You Find It

My deadline’s coming up too fast
I cannot think, my muse flew past
and I am left bereft and dry –
so much I cannot even cry!

What shall I do, where can I look?
I’ll scrub a floor, or should I cook?
How can I find what isn’t there? …
I know! I’ll sort my underwear!

But that will lead to “need to shop”
Dainties I’ll buy until I drop.
What then? will I inspired now be? …
Or maybe I should just have tea.

But look, it’s such a lovely day
to go a-walking while I pray
that out there I will find my clue
for what to write, then start anew.

How sweet the breeze that calms my mind,
as Nature’s beauty brings a kind
of peace to me that takes away
the stress of having naught to say.

I listen now and breathe it in
I listen more … such peace within.
Fresh new ideas start to stir
Great words and thoughts all in a blur.

So fast they come, so fast I write
I really must be quite a sight
As I now quickly write words down
Out on the street in my nightgown.

What can I say? The need arose
to find my muse where’er she goes
Today she took a Nature walk
And I’m again a laughingstock.

Pacing, mumbling, brow in furrows
Thoughts now scrambling from deep burrows.
Neighbours knowing, gathering ’round
“I am writing, don’t make a sound!

Don’t interrupt, I’m on a roll!
This will be good, it’s from my soul!
Then who stands here you soon will see
is more than I appear to be.

Inspiration is elusive,
doesn’t mean I am reclusive.”
(At least I am not standing here
In my, still-tagged, new underwear!)

Good thing that I just stayed at home …
Now, .. what was that word ..??
mumble … mumble …
scribble … scribble …

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


10 responses to “Inspiration is where you find it

  1. Now that was just plain fun…thanks ever so much for sharing it and when I cannot think of a thing to write…I’ll just go shopping.


  2. I love it just as much reading it the second time! Great job.

    I find inspiration in many places, but sometimes I get stuck. I pray a lot when that happens! 🙂 I do like to go hiking and that clears my head. Spending time away from the computer really helps.


    • Thanks, Donna, I appreciate your comment.
      It is just recently that I have been using the computer more for my writing, it still seems awkward to me. 🙂 I usually write long hand, almost all of my poems and stories have been done that way, and if I start it long hand I continue it on paper. Besides, what if we lose our power in a storm? No computer – but lots of inspiration. 🙂


  3. Enjoyed you poem, Lynn! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m often inspired by the past, by everyday things around me. I try to write about things that may seem ordinary but have not yet been written about….At least from my perspective. We all see the world in a different light. Which is a good thing.


    • It is very interesting how there can be a variety of views on – and stories written about – the same things, isn’t it? Each has its own magic.
      I don’t know if I could write about things from the past, historical things. I have yet to develop my ‘perspective’, or is that my ‘voice’?, but I do hope it will be a creative and interesting one.

      Thanks for your reply, Laura. I am glad you enjoyed my poem. 🙂


  4. Cool poem. I have no ability in that area. Tip O’ the hat to ya.

    Inspiration’s everywhere. Gotta carry a small notepad, pen & digital camera at all times. My favorites influences – blue water, white foam, & breezes out of the east – usually. Okay, I’m weird.


    • Thanks for your post, Dave.
      I agree with inspiration being everywhere. We simply have to learn to recognize it. The ocean is my healing place so I certainly understand about finding your inspiration near water and in the breezes. As my poem reveals, Nature stirs my creative thoughts.
      And, if it means anything … I don’t think you are weird. Even if you are … then so am I and many others with us! 🙂 So …. perhaps weird is a good thing.


  5. Cute poem Mom 🙂


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