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Quiz: Build a cliche plot and find out a deep truth about yourself

I’m late with a post this weekend. Sorry! Here is a quiz that you will – hopefully – enjoy. Here you have the opportunity to build a plot for a YA book and find out a deep truth about yourself. It’s just a fun thing.

Follow this link to find out something about yourself.

This is what was revealed about me:

You may be (or prefer to be) a wallflower, but there’s a small part of you that’s dying to be the life of the party. There’s much more to you than meets the eye, and the people who are close to you can attest to your adventurous, risk-it-all spirit.

What are your results?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


Quiz: What would be your pirate name?

Today I have a short quiz for you to do. Just something fun and silly for the weekend.

Have you ever pretended you were a pirate? Or did you love those old pirate movies? Or the new ones?


Here is your chance to discover what your pirate name would be … in case the occasion should arise that you’d need one.



After you find out what your pirate name is I hope you’ll come back here and let me know who you are. It’s all in fun.

In case you’re wondering, when I did this quiz several weeks ago my pirate name was … Captain Willynilly.  (hahaha  yep, that seems about right some days. Sadly.)  Here’s what it said:  A mildly effective pirate, you have only acquired your ship through a large inheritance. There are almost certainly men and women aboard your ship, probably two or three, who are far better and more natural pirates than yourself. If you don’t control them they will rise up against you.  

But when I did the quiz again yesterday it came up a different name. I must have had a total mood change during that time span.  🙂  Here’s what it said: Your pirate name: Captain Swindler. Feared by some and ridiculed by others. You are an acquired taste, so it is essential that you spend time finding the right crew members. Do that and while you may not own the Seven Seas, you will certainly be a major player.

What’s your pirate name? As a child (of any age) did you make-believe you were a pirate, and if so what name did you have for yourself then?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂   Arrr!!

Quiz: What is your superpower?

When you were a child did you pretend to be superhuman, or endowed with a special gift that amazed everyone? Maybe you still do.

Did you wish you had a superpower? Mine was that I would be a brave person who could save people in trouble, and that I could magically transport myself to other places.  (That’s still not off the table.)

Here is a quiz for you to discover what is your superpower.  

Mine is invisibility … which is no surprise to me!  🙂   I’ve often felt as if I’m invisible – not really, but so that no one notices me.

Have fun with this and let me know, What is YOUR superpower?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 

Fun Quiz: how long would you survive an alien invasion?

Hello, Everyone!

Today I thought you might enjoy another fun quiz. This one helps you find out if you would survive an extraterrestrial alien invasion. Of course, it is very important to know this. One must be ready at all times!  (snicker)

alien-spaceshipI have much to do on my week home, starting later this morning, which means my blogging could remain scanty for awhile. There are things I am trying to complete, change, and redirect in my life, and it all takes time when setting a new course. (nautical term)  I will be checking here every day, though, hoping for new comments from you. 🙂  Or you can always send me an email if you prefer. Go to contact page for that if you don’t know my email address.

I already wished a Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends and readers; what are your plans? That day I should have another installment of Writing the Third Dimension to share with you. I expect you’re all very busy getting ready to cook, travel to connect with others, eat a lot, and then shop a lot the next day. Be careful out there!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I only had a few things, then this week I managed to get out to a Christmas shopping party at which I found some nice items for all my daughters. It’s alarming how little time remains until December 25!

Enough chatter, did I hear you say? Okay, now for …

alien-spaceshipthe QUIZ  (click here)

Would you survive an extraterrestrial alien invasion? Do tell!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂





Take the Jane Austen character quiz

There have been various things, distracting things, going on lately in my life – some of which I’ll share soon – and my blogging hasn’t been getting as much attention. I appreciate all who come by anyway, and I hope you have been finding things of help to you on the pages you can connect to from the top of this page.

Today I would like to share something fun for you to try. If you are familiar with Jane Austen’s work – and even if you’re not – you may find it interesting to discover which of her famous characters you twin.  Here is the link to follow. Once there you’ll find a quiz of eleven questions to answer to determine which character you are.







<–  Jane Austen


After you take the quiz, please come back and share what you learned about yourself.  🙂

By the way, I am Anne Elliot of Persuasion!

Which Jane Austen character are you?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!