Quiz: What is your superpower?

When you were a child did you pretend to be superhuman, or endowed with a special gift that amazed everyone? Maybe you still do.

Did you wish you had a superpower? Mine was that I would be a brave person who could save people in trouble, and that I could magically transport myself to other places.  (That’s still not off the table.)

Here is a quiz for you to discover what is your superpower.  

Mine is invisibility … which is no surprise to me!  🙂   I’ve often felt as if I’m invisible – not really, but so that no one notices me.

Have fun with this and let me know, What is YOUR superpower?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 


10 responses to “Quiz: What is your superpower?

  1. I got X-Ray vision. I like to know how things work, so this super power works for me. When I was a kid, my “superhero” was Nancy Drew. I wanted to be the only one who noticed that single important detail that would reveal the identity of the villain or who managed a miraculous escape from danger. I still read mysteries!


  2. Mine is invisibility which I guess is Ok but did surprise me. I didn’t like some of the answers, for example I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. The superpower I would wish for would be time travel!!


    • Yes, some of the answers are not ideal, but I suppose they have to limit them to get specific results.
      Time travel would be really interesting! I’ve often wondered what it would be like to go to another time – sometimes ahead, but usually back.


  3. I didn’t take the test, because I still wonder about this type of thing. Personally, I would like to have Telekinesis (manipulating things with your mind) or something that involves the mind. (or magic). 🙂

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  4. Mine is X-ray vision, but like others, some answers were not my real choices.


  5. Mine is invisibility, too. Some of the questions and answers made me giggle just a little.

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