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The Atonement

I hope you have had a blessed Easter.  This amazing occasion is a time, for me, of thinking over what it really means, what God did for us through Jesus Christ. It is a time to marvel and stand in awe and gratitude.

If you have ever wondered what it is really all about, there is a website that explains The Atonement better than anywhere I’ve read it or heard it discussed. Go to The Threshing Floor to read it for yourself.

Easter.crossToday has been a busy family day. Sixteen of us met at Dad’s to share a delicious meal together, a meal to which there were many contributions so that one or two people don’t have to do the whole thing. The youngest in attendance is almost 10, the oldest is almost 90. It used to be the females outnumbered the males, but it’s now the other way around – today girls 6, guys 10. As you can imagine, there is always a lot of food prepared – and eaten, but always there are some leftovers to divide up. 

Do you have family events to enjoy? What does Easter mean to you?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂

Book Review: From One Place to Another – by Carol White

Book: From One Place to Another
Author: Carol White
Publisher: TriMark Press, Inc
Date: May 10, 2012
Genre: contemporary women’s fiction
Pages: 298, paperback
Price: $17.95; less on Kindle
My rating: An enjoyable modern tale of mishaps and mayhem in the life of a woman trying to succeed

I received this book from the author to read and review. It seemed that it would be quite different from what I usually read, and I was not in error on that point.

Carol White writes with confidence, which is obvious by the way she tackles the dialogue and personalities she created. In From One Place to Another she throws open a door into the elaborate, wealthy lifestyle of a country club in Boca Raton, Florida, at which her main character half-heartedly thumbs her nose.

Dina Marshall knew she was a very good cook. In order to help her husband build his business, she became immersed in creating gourmet dinners in their home to attract clients. It was working well until the evening she and her husband were dining out on her thirty-sixth birthday. Mark delivered news that would totally change her life — he was leaving her for a younger woman – that day. This was a complete shock to Dina who thought they were moving forward together in life. And how could he on her birthday?!

Carol White captured well the roller-coaster ride of a jilted woman’s emotions. Dina tried all she could to get her husband back, was drawn into other circumstances and relationships, waited expectantly when she learned all was not as her estranged husband thought it would be in his new life. (Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the story for you.) In the meantime, she developed her own catering business in order to keep up the lifestyle to which she had become accustomed, but also to impress her husband while waiting for him to come to his senses.

That last point is the main focus of From One Place to Another. It was written with descriptions of the exotic food and elaborate meals Dina prepared, the craziness that ensued, and the hilarity of the best laid plans gone wrong. One thing that Dina does is make lists, and – good or bad – she makes lists all through this crisis time in her life.

I must mention that bad language is used in several places, and there is also a thread of heated romance throughout the story.

Although I was appalled at the behaviour and habits of some of the people for whom Dina catered, I enjoyed this book. Actually, I was appalled at some of Dina’s behaviour and I grew to not like her very much. Perhaps, given the set of circumstances she was dealt, her actions and reactions are understandable, but the comical, tragic turn of events that befell her biggest, most important catering job seemed justified. The author told it well, winding humour in and around as the tension built. Dina’s spirited attitude made for entertaining reading that kept drawing me back until I finished the book. (My reading time is rarely uninterrupted.)

Carol White wrote From One Place to Another in a way that pulled this reader into the very room where each scene unfolded, making it not simply an act of reading the words but with a sense of being there. I like that.

You can find One Place to Another listed on my BUY THE BOOK! page.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂