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Let’s talk about CHANGE.frosty Fall morning.2This is my lawn now. It’s covered in a blanket of beautiful leaves; yellow, orange, red, rusty-coloured. Those leaves once were various shades of green and hanging on the many trees we have, and many we don’t! The wind can do amazing decorating …  and borrowing! 🙂 

frosty Fall morning.3It was a frosty morning, and this maple leaf was etched in frost …

frosty Fall morning.4as were all the tiny leafy things all over the lawn.

frosty Fall morning.1The chill and frost made leaves curl and at the same time emphasized their delicate uniqueness.

frosty Fall morning.5As air temperature changed, so did the condition of anything in the sun. You can see the frost turned to droplets of water.

I’m always impressed by the exquisite detail found in the simplest of things. How often do we overlook the subtleties and miss the beauty found there?

CHANGE.  How do you handle it? Do you welcome it into your life? Or, do you dread change and resist it as long as possible?

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Autumn’s glory

Last Autumn …

November 11'12 017 November 11'12 026How many pheasants can you see in the images below? They blend right in.November 11'12 004 November 11'12 007Look at this gorgeous fella! This year Mr. Cardinal brought his mate and their two little ones!November 11'12 003I don’t have very good pictures of the Grey Heron that was in the brook by Dad’s, or the Kingfisher perched above it, or the Pileated Woodpecker on a pole near my house.

Are you  a bird watcher? What is your most exciting sighting?

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NaBloPoMo: leaves in transition

dscn1093.jpgIt has been a very busy day but I want to post something for NaBloPoMo before the day is over. I thought you may find the coloration of these maple leaves interesting.

We had a very windy Friday and Saturday, but mild with some rain. So many of our Autumn leaves have been beaten off the trees making a colourful carpet on the ground.

Fall is not my favourite season because of the cooler weather it brings in leading into Winter cold, but it is such a beautiful season. This year it seems to be an especially exquisite one here in Nova Scotia.

What is your favourite season and why?

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