Let’s talk about CHANGE.frosty Fall morning.2This is my lawn now. It’s covered in a blanket of beautiful leaves; yellow, orange, red, rusty-coloured. Those leaves once were various shades of green and hanging on the many trees we have, and many we don’t! The wind can do amazing decorating …  and borrowing! 🙂 

frosty Fall morning.3It was a frosty morning, and this maple leaf was etched in frost …

frosty Fall morning.4as were all the tiny leafy things all over the lawn.

frosty Fall morning.1The chill and frost made leaves curl and at the same time emphasized their delicate uniqueness.

frosty Fall morning.5As air temperature changed, so did the condition of anything in the sun. You can see the frost turned to droplets of water.

I’m always impressed by the exquisite detail found in the simplest of things. How often do we overlook the subtleties and miss the beauty found there?

CHANGE.  How do you handle it? Do you welcome it into your life? Or, do you dread change and resist it as long as possible?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂




8 responses to “Change

  1. I´m not sure if I handle change well, but I do welcome it in my life. Moving to Spain was a huge change and to be honest there were times over the past year when I questioned why I did it. But I still think change is good for you as it stretches you and makes you stronger. Your fall photos are great!

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    • It’s interesting you welcome change in your life, Darlene; I don’t know if I could make a change on the scale you did. I admire you for doing it. I can take change in smaller increments, not all welcomed. 🙂 It does make you grow.
      Thanks, Darlene.

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  2. Sometimes we have no choice BUT to accept the changes that happen in our lives. We’re not usually asked whether we want them or welcome them – they simply occur, sometimes with warning and oftentimes without.
    Am I good at accepting the changes that life has tossed to me? Not particularly, I guess, but if I don’t figure out a way to align myself to ‘new normals’ I will remain forever stuck in the past, in ‘what was but will never again be’. Not a great place to live out the remainder of my life, so I’m learning to adapt.
    Love your fall pics, too!


  3. I’m too OCD to really love change. I have to think about it and plan for it first, which sometimes is impossible! However, I do love the change of seasons, even summer into fall and fall into winter. I love your photos of lawn leaves, Lynn!!

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  4. I like change in moderation – I also like routine, also in moderation. I am pretty OCD, so I freak out if too much change happens at once. But if I do everything with routine, I get bored – fast. 😉
    I like a routine with variety. 🙂

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    • I think you are more focused than OCD, Erik. You get things done, and you like being accomplished. Having said that … I’m with you when it comes to getting bored with routine; it makes me feel trapped after a bit. Variety is wonderful. 🙂

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