NaBloPoMo: leaves in transition

dscn1093.jpgIt has been a very busy day but I want to post something for NaBloPoMo before the day is over. I thought you may find the coloration of these maple leaves interesting.

We had a very windy Friday and Saturday, but mild with some rain. So many of our Autumn leaves have been beaten off the trees making a colourful carpet on the ground.

Fall is not my favourite season because of the cooler weather it brings in leading into Winter cold, but it is such a beautiful season. This year it seems to be an especially exquisite one here in Nova Scotia.

What is your favourite season and why?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!



8 responses to “NaBloPoMo: leaves in transition

  1. You are fortunate on the east coast to have all the fabulous autumn colours! Great picture!


  2. Fantastic colours.
    xxx Hug Hugs xxx


  3. Lovely photo! I love the fall – the colorful leaves, getting a fire going in the woodstove, feeling warm and cozy and tucked away inside.


    • oh yes! So romantic and calming. I don’t have a fireplace here at Dad’s but I use it on my every-other-week at home. 🙂 Love it.
      Great to see you, Ruth.


  4. I like fall because of the colors and the brisk chill.


    • I agree. Although I prefer the warmth, the briskness is invigorating. Maybe what I need to get my novel-writing Muse jump-started is a brisk walk on a lovely Autumn day.


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