My 12th & last giveaway of 2016; your chance to win a gift card!

Can you believe it’s the last month of 2016? It seems this year has passed so quickly – too quickly. Now we’re down to the final month for a giveaway.

All year I tried to select items that readers and writers would appreciate. What I would have loved to do this time is prepare a surprise package, or a collection of items similar to what I’ve given away during this year. Because I have been busy  getting Christmas shopping and decorating done for both Dad and my own household I am later than is convenient for mailing anything out after giving enough time to run this month’s giveaway.

What I came up with this time is to offer you an electronic gift card. This way it will get to you immediately with no delays due to Christmas mail. It’s an unusual amount I decided to give but let me explain. I am offering someone an Amazon gift card of $12.00 – in US dollars – one dollar for each month of the year since this is the twelfth month. It’s not a big amount but you can spend it on anything sold through whenever you want. Sooner is probably better though, and maybe you can take advantage of sale prices during this season of celebration or as the new year begins.


So that’s it, an Amazon gift card in the amount of twelve dollars.  If YOU would like to win this gc here’s what to do: 

To enter the draw, please leave a comment on this post telling me what is your preference – shopping online or in “brick and mortar” stores. I will use name picker to find out which of you is the winner. Watch here the morning after the draw for the announcement, and don’t forget to check your email. This could be yours!

Draw date for this giveaway is at 10 PM AST, that’s 9 PM Eastern, on Tuesday, December 20. This gives you only a week to enter and to pass the word on to others, too. I will post the winner’s name on December 21.

Remember, you have until December 20 to get your name into the draw, but don’t put it off! Enter now!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! :)




18 responses to “My 12th & last giveaway of 2016; your chance to win a gift card!

  1. Lynn, I’m sure you know I never buy anything online. It’s always brick and mortar. I will pass this along to some people I know!


    • Laura, I should be so faithful. For me it’s mostly a matter of convenience when opportunity to go shopping doesn’t present itself. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, and for passing on the word about my giveaway.


  2. I only ever made one purchase online, and it was not as fun for me. Give me brick and mortar every time! However, if I had an Amazon card, I’d perhaps adapt. 🙂


  3. I prefer brick and mortar, but I have bo,ught a couple things off of Amazon


  4. I prefer online shopping when I need a quick gift but love the feeling of shopping in a brick and mortar store. Feels more personal buying gifts as well as supporting small businesses.


  5. Some online stuff for the bigger brand stores that aren’t where I live (rural Nova Scotia) but I love shopping the local stores for unique hand crafted items. So a bit of both! 🙂


  6. Brick and mortar …so important to support our stores ……love the availability of internet but we so need to have that interaction in our lives …I always check locally or close to home to see if I can purchase first and then I go to amazon if I can not get it…..


  7. I prefer brick and mortar. I love the ambiance and running into people I know that I haven’t seen in a while. I always support local business year round.


    • Welcome to my blog, Angela.
      This time of year one is more likely to enjoy meeting old friends while shopping. Can’t do that with online shopping. 🙂
      You’re in the draw!


  8. I enjoy both but living in Spain, it is so much easier to shop online and have the gifts sent directly to my loved ones back home. I shop on Amazon a lot as I usually give books as gifts. Your giveaways have been super. I gave the journal to a friend as a thank you for letting me stay at her place while in Canada. She loved it!


  9. I enjoy shopping online these days!


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