We have a winner of my 11th monthly giveaway! Keep watching for my December gift

Many thanks to all who visit my blog, and to those of you who entered the draw for a unique, fun bookmark:


We have a winner!

I used Random.org name picker and found out that the winner …

with this comment:

My bookmark is usually whatever is handy at the time–grocery store bill, used envelope, movie or concert ticket–clearly I need to up my game. And I never turn down the corner of a page.



Congratulations, Heather! I will get this into the mail to you as soon as I can this week. We have some stormy weather coming tonight and tomorrow.

To everyone  interested in my giveaways, I’ve been watching for and setting aside fun things that, in some way, have to do with reading and/or writing.  The DECEMBER giveaway will be posted  as soon as I settle on what special thing to give away during Christmas month.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! :)


I decided that after I mail Heather’s bookmark to her, because only four people entered the draw and I have enough of these bookmarks, each of you will be receiving one. 


2 responses to “We have a winner of my 11th monthly giveaway! Keep watching for my December gift

  1. Thanks, Lynn! I’m glad everyone was a winner. 🙂


I look forward to reading your greatly appreciated comments. Thanks for making my day! :)

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