My 9th Giveaway of 2016; Your chance to win a book!

I gave away the surprise again, didn’t I?  🙂  Well, I have a good reason. I know many people love free books, and this way you can see right off the top that a book is being offered for September.

This book is different. It’s one that, although outdated in some ways, is a very helpful guideline and filled with information to help you build a financially secure future for yourself. The time to start is NOW, no matter if you aren’t even out of school yet. Don’t wait until you’re nearing retirement to start planning for it. That would be a huge mistake. 

Here’s my giveaway for September:

giveaway #8

giveaway #8.1giveaway #8.3






giveaway #8.5







If you want the chance to win this book, please leave a comment telling me when you started your planning. (No one else is going to take care of us.)

I am offering this giveaway to my readers in the United States, but also in Canada if you don’t mind that this information is geared mainly to US financial services. There are ideas and guidelines in there for everyone, the specifics being more for the US. If you live outside those countries and you know someone in either of those countries who will keep it for you should you win, please feel free to enter. Just give me the Canada or US address if you do win.

I will use name picker to find out which of you is the winner. Watch here the morning after the draw for the announcement, and don’t forget to check your email. This could be yours!

Draw date for this giveaway is at 10 PM AST, that’s 9 PM Eastern, on Wednesday, September 14. This gives you over two weeks to pass the word on to others, too. I will post the winner’s name on September 15.

Remember, you have until September 14 to get your name into the draw, but don’t put it off!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! :)


4 responses to “My 9th Giveaway of 2016; Your chance to win a book!

  1. I started planning over 20 years ago, with just a small amount taken out every week for a KEOGH–and where I worked also had a defined benefit pension plan at that time on which I became fully vested shortly after opening the KEOGH. I subsequently also opened a ROTH IRA: I was unfortunately laid off at the start of the Great Recession about six years ahead of my planned retirement so I was caught off guard not having my saved the total amount intended so I am a tad short but fortunately my investments have done pretty well but in retrospect I should have put aside much more.


    • Welcome to my blog, and congratulations on getting a good start on your retirement! It is too bad your plan was interrupted, but you have accomplished more than many have been able to manage.
      You’re in the draw.


  2. I like your way of saying that it is a good book for me to enter to win. 🙂 I would definitely like to read this book! 😀


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