Writing and waiting

It’s been a hard summer for me as far as writing goes. I’ve been in a funk, a writing depression, a walled-in place of little inspiration. I realized I was/am experiencing burn-out from a combination of things, burn-out exhibiting itself as low-grade depression and writer’s block. That’s no fun!writer's block




… until a week ago, on August 23, when inspiration hit!

I was talking with one of my daughters about a frustrating, exasperating, tiring situation that’s ongoing (not as a caregiver) and that affects a few of us in the family. Pausing to consider it a moment, I said … “hmm … that could be a story for a picture book!” Shortly afterward I sat at my desk and wrote a very rough first draft of that story idea. I don’t have a satisfying ending for it yet, mainly because there has not been one found for the real-life situation, so that’s something I’ll have to dream up as is fitting for a picture book. I’m happy, though, because it is my August draft for 12×12.

And writer’s block was moved aside.

That’s always good news. Other good news happened today, too.

I’ve got some manuscripts which I haven’t submitted anywhere yet. It’s hard not ever hearing back, or getting rejection replies, so I think I was just not ready to chance it again. In 12×12, members were offered a special opportunity to submit to a publisher looking for new work, with the promise ALL would be read and our work would not be left in the ‘slush pile’. This evening (Aug 30) I took a chance and submitted the story I wrote in February. I did it! It’s gone, I received email confirmation that it was received, and now my wait has begun. If they are interested in working with me I’ll hear back within five months. If not … *sigh*

waiting quote






In the meantime, I have to get out my other work and get more of them submission ready. And continue writing new stories, of course. That will help fill in the time while playing the waiting game. I need positive creative distractions to keep myself writing.

How are you at waiting? 

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


6 responses to “Writing and waiting

  1. Congrats on writing a new draft and for submitting. I am not good at waiting at all! I have to keep busy or I go crazy. Submitting is always hard. I had two short stories I wanted to submit by the end of August and finally hit the button two days ago. It never changes, even though I have been published.


    • Maybe that feeling never goes away for writers, that trepidation, because one’s work is being judged. It feels like a personal evaluation and judgment of oneself.
      Congrats on sending off those short stories, and thanks for the comment, Darlene. 🙂

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  2. Congrats on breaking through writer’s block–so hard when you’re under stress and fighting depression at any level. I’m wishing you more drafts and submissions and all good things that make you feel like a writer again. As for waiting, I’m not very good at it, so I do what you do, find ways to keep distracted and busy and looking ahead. Good luck!


    • Thanks, Heather. Sometimes I think there must be something else I should do besides writing, but then I realize there’s nothing I always come back to like writing. So … I’ll keep at it however and whenever I can. 🙂 Writing and waiting go hand in hand for this.

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  3. Yay! Another Writer’s Block is conquered! I’m not surprised that you did that, seeing as you are a very creative person. 🙂


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