Quote about comparison

I have been reading a lot more lately and got behind in having this post ready for this morning. It’s a quote I’ve had to think about.

Comparison, a great teacher once told me, is the cardinal sin of modern life. It traps us in a game that we can’t win. Once we define ourselves in terms of others, we lose the freedom to shape our own lives. – Jim Collins

Wow!  This is a good quote. I think it is true that when we compare ourselves to others we’re setting the standard of trying to be like them – and feeling ‘less’ because we aren’t meeting that standard. Their successes and accomplishments become our guide. That limits us!

Why do we think that others are better, smarter, cuter, wiser, or … anything-er? WHY?

Maybe because we don’t trust ourselves, we don’t believe the abilities God has placed within us is enough, or good enough.

I have to stop and think about that myself. As a shy person I have to always be pushing myself out there. It can be quite daunting and exhausting. I’m a person who, after being around a lot of people – or even a few people for a long period of time (or what seems a long time) – needs to find a quiet, restful place to replenish my energy. Also, being a caregiver is very draining that way, perhaps more so for someone who is uncomfortable around people all the time. As a writer, I draw back and don’t even allow myself to shine – afraid it won’t be good enough anyway. By what standards, though? (guilty!)

So, my question for you today is … Have you ever found comparison has held you back? If not, has anything? Do you have advice for anyone who struggles with moving forward?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


6 responses to “Quote about comparison

  1. I think we all suffer from comparison in this modern age. Television, magazines , the computer all contribute to the comparison issue. I love being around people and am energized by them but I still long to be as successful, attractive, fit, creative and wealthy as others. I know it is not a healthy way to live and am working on getting over it. The best thing is to be happy and thankful for what you have and who you are. An attitude of gratitude is the best cure for comparison thinking. I think young people suffer even more and it is causing a lot of problems.

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    • An attitude of gratitude is important to have and practice. Perhaps the comparison thing is helped immensely by the crazy advertising that goes on, all for the “almighty dollar”, so that what we have is seemingly never enough.
      Thank you for your thoughts on this, Darlene. And I’m not surprised you are energized by people; you probably are an energizer yourself. 🙂

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  2. An incredible wise post, Lynn. Comparison is an unrecognized demon in most of our lives. Thank you for such a thoughtful perspective!!


  3. That is a really thought-provoking quote!


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