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Giveaway #6; We have a winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered my June giveaway contest!

We have a winner!

The prize is this pretty butterfly tote:

butterfly bag5




I used name picker and found out that the winner …


with this comment:


“I usually carry my books in my arms. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!”

Is …


I will get this into the mail to you soon, Jonnie!

To everyone who is interested in my giveaways, I’ve been watching for and setting aside fun things that, in some way, have to do with reading and/or writing.  The July giveaway will be posted in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂

One more day to win! & Life goes on

The time has passed quickly, it seems, to when I will announce my June giveaway winner. Tomorrow evening I will use name picker to find out who receives this beautiful bag. 

butterfly bag5




If you have a postal address in Canada or the United States and would like a chance to win this bag, maybe as a gift for someone else, please be sure to get your name into the draw by leaving a comment on this post. You have until 9:00 PM EST July 15. I’ll be announcing the winner Thursday morning, July 16. I’m now thinking about what I can offer for July’s giveaway.  🙂

June is a busy month for this family. Last Friday marked a year since my father-in-law’s passing from this life … a whole year already. Somehow, life goes on. My sister’s (mumble mumble) birthday was last week. Tomorrow is my dad’s 91st birthday! The day after that is my grandson’s 11th birthday and his graduation from elementary school is at the end of the month. My sister-in-law’s birthday falls on Father’s Day this year, which may hold sadness for her this time. For my husband too, and really for all of us missing someone dear and important to us.  As I said – somehow, life goes on.

Last weekend my husband and I were guests at a small, lovely, outdoor wedding at a location overlooking the bay. Two of our four daughters were able to be there, one was the maid-of-honour – close friends with the bride for twenty-six years. Vows were said while waves rippled over the beach. It was a gorgeous sunny day set in the middle of cooler rainy ones.

Since I’m in a bit of a writing slump lately, my focus pulled this way and that, I’d like to ask you: What is the time of year that seems to work best for your writing? Is there something about one season that inspires you more than others? 

Thanks for writing, and … Creative Musings!  🙂



I seem to usually have a variety of things to do. My newest focus is the fact that I am hoping to sell the rest of my crafts I’d made for my business which I allowed to mostly fold. (Can’t do everything after all) There’s a little arts and crafts consignment shop (Fat Cats) that opened recently. I was pleased to meet the shop owner/operator, Darlene, at the local writing group I mentioned last month. Since the shop isn’t far from me I decided to give it a try. This week I’m working at tagging and listing my crafts so I can deliver them to Darlene later in the week.

Wondering about my post’s title? Have you heard one of the latest word combinations … chilling relaxing  = chillaxin’ ? I try to do that once in a while. BUT … one time I looked out my kitchen window this morning and look at what I saw.








Isn’t this the perfect portrayal of that word? Yep, that pesky – but cute – squirrel is chillaxin’.  🙂

How do you chillax? Are there any new word combinations you particularly like? Or have you made up one?

NOTE: remember to comment on my JUNE 3 POST so your name is entered in the draw for my June giveaway which is next week.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂

My 6th giveaway of 2016; your chance to win!

Late, but here it is … my giveaway for June!

This time I have something for you that’s handy – something in which you can carry your books and writing supplies.  And it’s attractive, too.

butterfly bag5

Of course, you can use it for carrying other things as well, but in keeping with my main focus I’m thinking about reading and writing.

Here are the dimensions of this bag – height, width, depth:

butterfly bag3butterfly bag4butterfly bag6





I like bags like this; it’s made of a type of nylon fabric and has a white interior. From this one I’m sure you can even be inspired to write something fun and thoughtful if you take a good look at the butterflies and daisies decorating it.

butterfly bag2butterfly bag







With two handles, it’s sturdy and easy to carry. Sorry I didn’t get a better image of the handles, but you can see they are securely stitched on.

If you want the chance to win this butterfly bag, please leave a comment telling me how you usually transport your books and/or writing supplies from place to place.

I am offering this giveaway to my readers in Canada and the United States. If you live outside those countries and you know someone in either of those countries who will keep it for you should you win, please feel free to enter. Just give me the Canada or US address if you do win.

I will use name picker to find out which of you is the winner. Watch here the morning after the draw for the announcement, and don’t forget to check your email. This could be yours!

Draw date for this giveaway is at 10 PM AST, that’s 9 PM Eastern, on Wednesday, JUNE 15. This gives you less than two weeks to pass the word on to others, too. I will post the winner’s name on June 16.

Remember, you have until June 15 to get your name into the draw, but don’t put it off!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! :)

Strawberries make me smile

I LOVE SPRING!  Sunshine, warm weather, birds singing, sunshine, blackflies, warm weather, flowers, sunshine, mosquitoes, strawberries, and warm weather!




I’ll be posting another giveaway soon, but for this morning I’m writing a quick post as I’ve been quite busy lately and have fallen behind.  I came across the following joke which I thought you might enjoy.

Farmer Evans was driving his John Deere tractor along the road with a trailer load of fertilizer. Tim a little boy of eight was playing in his yard when he saw the farmer and asked, ‘What’ve you got in your trailer?’

‘Manure,’ Farmer Evans replied.

‘What are you going to do with it?’ asked Tim.

‘Put it on my strawberries,’ answered the farmer.

Tim replied, ‘You ought to come and eat with us.”




🙂  My question to you today is what do you put on your strawberries?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂