I seem to usually have a variety of things to do. My newest focus is the fact that I am hoping to sell the rest of my crafts I’d made for my business which I allowed to mostly fold. (Can’t do everything after all) There’s a little arts and crafts consignment shop (Fat Cats) that opened recently. I was pleased to meet the shop owner/operator, Darlene, at the local writing group I mentioned last month. Since the shop isn’t far from me I decided to give it a try. This week I’m working at tagging and listing my crafts so I can deliver them to Darlene later in the week.

Wondering about my post’s title? Have you heard one of the latest word combinations … chilling relaxing  = chillaxin’ ? I try to do that once in a while. BUT … one time I looked out my kitchen window this morning and look at what I saw.








Isn’t this the perfect portrayal of that word? Yep, that pesky – but cute – squirrel is chillaxin’.  🙂

How do you chillax? Are there any new word combinations you particularly like? Or have you made up one?

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Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


8 responses to “Chillaxin’!

  1. I like that new word!! I am trying to chillax these days. Good luck with your crafts. I’m sure you will sell lots.


  2. What a perfect photo for a perfect article!! Love it!!


  3. I hope that your craft-selling works out! 😀


  4. Today, I sat in the shade and read. The robins were flittering about and the flower garden was filled with bees. There was plenty in the house to keep me busy but I chose to chillax a little. The perfect word for a perfect day!


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