My 3rd Giveaway of 2016! Your chance to win!

Are you ready for another giveaway?

While out shopping with one of my daughters recently I had you in mind. I wanted to find something for my next giveaway. When I discovered these fun bookmarks I knew this is the one for March.

I really like this type of bookmark as it is magnetic and clips over the page in your book. It’s very hard to lose it then, and you can easily find your place because this bookmark can’t slip down between your pages. Of course, that means you have to be reading a paper book. 🙂

Take a look. Aren’t they cute? I think they’re great for book lovers, and so easy to use.  There are three on the card with instructions on the back of the card.

magnetic bookmarksmagnetic bookmarks.2








If you want to enter the draw for a chance to win these three magnetic bookmarks, leave a comment telling me what you usually use to mark your place in a book.

Draw date for this giveaway is at 10 PM AST, that’s 9 PM Eastern, on  Wednesday, March 9. This gives you lots of time to pass the word on to others, too. 

I will use name picker to find out which of you is the winner. Watch here the next morning for the announcement, and don’t forget to check your email. These could be yours!

Remember, you have until March 9 to get your name into the draw, but don’t put it off!

PS:  I am prepared to mail these to anywhere.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂




8 responses to “My 3rd Giveaway of 2016! Your chance to win!

  1. I’m definitely a bookmark person, and I find joy in using them to mark my place in a book. When I’m editing hard copy of my manuscripts, however, I usually punch then bind them in a 3-ring binder. Then I using large multi-color paperclips to mark my place.


  2. My bookmarks are whatever is at hand–a grocery store receipt, tissue (clean!), ticket stub, used envelope, you get the idea, and I never turn down page corners. The best days were long ago when library books came with cards in them–built in book marks! 🙂


  3. I collect book marks and have a great supply from all over the world. Friends often bring one back for me on their travels too. I use them in the book I am reading, my reference books and in my cookbooks to hold the place of favourite recipes. I love book marks! These look fabulous.


    • I collect bookmarks, too; however I do NOT have a great supply from all over the world. I should request them instead of postcards, which I also collect … and bells. Bookmarks are more useful. 🙂
      You’re in the draw! 🙂


  4. This looks nice, and I use bookmarks a lot, but I also have a ton, so you can count me out. 🙂


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