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This little piggy …

I like to be spontaneous once in awhile. For me it’s freeing and empowering to break out of routine and schedules – within reason, of  course – and do something I don’t get the chance to do very much.

One day in late summer one of my daughters and I got together for an outing. We drove to a few local communities and shopped at second-hand clothing stores for the variety and low prices, and the fun of digging through bins to find that ‘just right’ item. We also discovered a few yard sales along the way so had to stop! That’s always fun. At most of our stops we purchased a few things.

I enjoy the zoo. It’s interesting, funny, noisy, entertaining, smelly, and that’s just the people!  😉  haha     Ever wonder what the animals think of us gawking at them through the bars and fences?

As we were in a moment of ‘where should we go now?’ I suddenly had this idea: “I’d like to go to the zoo, I haven’t been there for so long … let’s go to the zoo!” Here in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia is Oaklawn Farm Zoo, and we weren’t far from it. Of course we went there! Today I will give you this link, and this one, then maybe another time I’ll direct you to another which has a lovely write-up about it.

Below are some photos I took while there with my daughter that day.

These are four new little baby pigs born in one of the barns. On the left there are three, see the tiny white/pink one half hidden? On the right is momma with one of her babies running around. So cute and comical.

baby pigsPigs at Oaklawn Farm Zoo







This next one is the photo I’ve longed to capture. It’s not perfect but it is one of those awwww shots. Two black swans, their lovely long necks shaping a heart.

black swans

What do you enjoy doing to change things up a bit and get out of the house?

PS: It’s day 25 in PiBoIdMo, and while writing this post I came up with idea #49!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂