Instead of a book review

Hello, everyone!

Today is supposed to be a book review day but, as you can see, this is not one. I’m sorry, I just haven’t managed to get one written yet. My apologies for not even getting a post up over the week-end.

It was an exhausting week for me with spending so much of it with Dad in hospital. He was admitted Monday evening when they determined he had suffered a heart attack. In the morning he was moved to ICU even though he didn’t really need to be there, but it was really God’s blessing because of his state of mind and the excellent attentive nursing care he needed and received. Most of the time he didn’t seem to understand for long where he was. He thought he was home or in another hospital which would have been where he was if he were still living where he grew up. The heart attack really served to add to his confusion, so it was difficult when he became agitated.

What we learned through all of this is that we are losing our dad more quickly now as certain things are not working well anymore. It is a waiting game, not within an expected amount of time as it was with our dear Mum, but time is shortened. As his daughters, my sister and I have much to be thankful for and much to deal with yet, but we have very good support in place and we have each other. Teamwork counts a great deal in this.

What I learned is that God’s provision comes in many ways, usually without our realizing it in the moment, and in such a loving fatherly way. Also, on another track, I learned through our recent experience more about how totally fascinating the brain is — and if I were younger I would want to make that my advanced study and learn more about dementia and how to treat it or even prevent it. How much I want to know! How much there is to know!

Now I wish to thank you for faithfully checking in to read my book reviews and other posts. You make blogging enjoyable for me, and it helps to keep me writing. Please remember to visit my BUY THE BOOK page when you are looking for a book to read as there are many good ones listed there that I’ve reviewed, and check out my Writers’ Helps page for helpful links and fun things to do, not only for writers.

I will get into my reading and writing again, and a new book review will be up soon. Thank you for your patience.

I have two questions for you today:

  1. Have you learned something helpful during time of crisis?
  2. If you could study something that would be of benefit to mankind what would it be?

PS:  I just realized I failed to mention Dad was released from hospital Friday afternoon. He is doing well enough they said it would be okay but we keep the nitro spray handy and continue on as we were. He is more content in his own home and sleeping better at night. Not having to remain in bed or in one room works so much better for him.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂





16 responses to “Instead of a book review

  1. I’m sorry you’re having such a difficult time Lynn and hope it’s soon resolved. I hope your dad, despite his confusion, is soon out of hospital again.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • David, you are such a caring man, thank you for your concern. I realized when I read your kind words that I’d not even said Dad was released from hospital under our ongoing care. My apologies! (I’ve added a post script to my post, thank you.) He is less confused at home, so, therefore, less stress for us.


  2. When we visited my mother-in-law in the hospital, a sign was posted on the wall in the oncology unit that said something like, “If everyone could get together and put all their troubles in one big pile, each of us would take our own back.” It was true. We didn’t want to think it at the time, but we really could handle the problems we had–and we did. Sending good thoughts your way.


  3. I am pleased to hear that your dad is back home again. My mom has been hospitalized for the past three months and she is not happy to be there. People are more comfortable at home. (although she is being well taken care of) Your father is fortunate to have his two daughters to care for him. Blessings to all of you.


  4. To answer your questions: We always learn something at times of crisis. The importance of family is what I have learned more than once. If I could study something in depth it would be linguistics. If we could understand languages perhaps we could communicate better and solve misunderstandings that can lead to unhappiness and sometimes war.


  5. There is a condition with seniors in hospitals where they become disoriented in the evening…even though they may be fine during the day. I do hope that all goes well now. Thinking of you.


  6. Oh Lynn, Just holding you in prayer. I’ve been in much the same situation this week, with Mom in hospital, but only for a day. God truly gives a gift to us all by allowing us to love and care for others.


  7. We are praying for you and your family! I hope all is well.


  8. Hi, Lynn – sorry to read of your dad’s ongoing health issues. My mum lived with us for six months before she died (at the age of 70!), so I hear you re the teamwork required. The out-of-the-blue heart attack I had at 47 made me realize there’s no time to waste, which is why I really started to work on HARE while I was off work. A crisis can sometimes be beneficial. Sometimes, though, I get a little obsessed with not wasting time, especially re my writing. Keep up the good work!


    • Jan, how wonderful to hear from you!
      I’m so glad you are a survivor; your writing is important. I hope many have found your book in my Buy The Book list. 🙂
      I agree crisis can open one’s understanding that time is short. Thanks for your words of wisdom.


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