Family fun and birthday surprises

Today was a day of activity … secretive activity.

My husband’s landmark birthday is on Wednesday, but a surprise birthday party was planned for today. He got busy doing yard work at my dad’s this afternoon, which put him out of sight of people going past our house to our daughter’s  where the party was being prepared.

Another daughter arrived and took Dad “for a drive”, and my husband and I went on to do our normal things before going home for my week there. We even ordered Chinese take-out as we usually do on the Sunday ending my week at Dad’s. (I didn’t change our routine because I didn’t want to make him suspicious.) While he was in the restaurant collecting our order, I talked with our daughter on the phone, so when he came out we had our story worked out to get him out there.

As soon as he got back into our vehicle I told him I’d been talking to our daughter and she needs him NOW at her place. Apparently, there is a leaking pipe in her yard (true) that is much worse and not getting any better (false), and she needed his help right away (false). He said to me he would have to get a shovel and his boots, so we stopped at home and left our meal and my puppy, and got his supplies. Fifteen minutes later we were driving down her long driveway. As we drove up over a rise he saw the cars parked in her yard. “What the frig is going on here??!!”, he exclaimed, while stomping on the brake. He looked at me sitting beside him trying to act innocent — and not very well by that time — and started backing up the car! So funny! He was totally bamboozled! It was great!

Sixteen of us were in attendance and oh! the delicious food! We gave him cards, small gifts, and a large one we had gone in on together for him. He kept expressing his amazement over not catching on to it, but I had done nothing to tip him off. Such success! Such fun!

And he deserved it.

Do you have any tales of surprises you have managed to pull off for someone?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


6 responses to “Family fun and birthday surprises

  1. I just love when it all works out so well like that. I did something similar for my hubby last year and he was so taken by surprise. He was pleased that 30 of our friends showed up. Happy Birthday Mr. Davidson!


    • Thanks, Darlene. I’m glad your husband was pleased with your efforts for him. This small family gathering was just right for my man, and his sister was able to join us this time. I will pass on your greetings to him. 🙂


  2. For my 60th when my wife was alive we decided to take my daughter and her husband out for a Sunday lunch. As we walked into the pub they dithered with something behind me and I was left to walk into a room filled with brothers, cousins, nephews, nieces and friends. I had no inkling the sneaky bunch were preparing such a surprise. There was even a huge cake.
    xxx Huge Hugs and well done on keeping the secret. xxx


  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Davidson! That was a greatly executed surprise! 🙂 We had a surprise lunch birthday party for my Mom’s best friend a year ago. It was on her sister’s birthday. She didn’t realize it was her surprise party until after the lunch – when she looked up and saw a balloon with her coming age on it. 😉


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