‘Read More Books’ challenge: Week 12: 572-623 of the list of 623 of the best books ever!

Are you ready for week twelve of our Read More Books challenge?

Read HERE to learn about it. Although this is the last post of my reading challenge, it’s never too late to check what volumes you may have read on the popular books list. Be sure to visit the site where this list originated, noted at the end.

Look at the ones you may have missed or want to review:

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How did you do with your reading? Even if you didn’t finish the book you selected, it counts if you select one for this week to add to your TBR pile.

Here is week twelve’s list of books – 51 this time and the final list in this compilation: (Please take note of the credits at the end.)

572. Money — by Martin Amis
573. The Universal Baseball Association, inc. — by Robert Coover
574. Creamy and Delicious — by Steve Katz
575. Tobacco Road — by Erskine Caldwell
576. The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge — by Rainer Maria Rilke
577. The Selfish Gene — by Richard Dawkins
578. The Blue Sword — by Robin McKinley
579. An Artist of the Floating World — by Kazuo Ishiguro
580. This Side of Paradise — by F. Scott Fitzgerald
581. Rubyfruit Jungle — by Rita Mae Brown
582. Jurassic Park — by Michael Crichton
583. La Modification — by Michel Butor
584. The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money — by John Maynard Keynes
585. The Clan of the Cave Bear — by Jean M. Auel
586. The Colour of Magic — by Terry Pratchett
587. More Than Human — by Theodore Sturgeon
588. The Origins of Totalitarianism — by Hannah Arendt
589. The Book of Laughter and Forgetting — by Milan Kundera
590. The Prince of Tides — by Pat Conroy
591. The Alchemist — by Paulo Coelho
592. Goodbye to All That — by Robert Graves
593. Cry, the Beloved Country — by Alan Paton
594. Mulligan Stew — by Gilbert Sorrentino
595. L. A. Confidential — by James Ellroy
596. The Affluent Society — by John Kenneth Galbraith
597. The Rosy Crucifixion — by Henry Miller
598. Katherine — by Anya Seton
599. A Little Princess — by Frances Hodgson Burnett
600. The Beautiful and Damned — by F. Scott Fitzgerald
601. Wise Children — by Angela Carter
602. The Arabian Nights: Tales from a Thousand and One Nights — by Richard Burton
603. A People’s History of the United States — by Howard Zinn
604. The Van — by Roddy Doyle
605. The Good Soldier Svejk — by Jaroslav Hasek
606. The Autobiography of Malcolm X — by Malcolm X
607. Easy Travel to Other Planets — by Ted Mooney
608. The Postman Always Rings Twice — by James M. Cain
609. Where Angels Fear to Tread — by E. M. Forster
610. Sometimes a Great Notion — by Ken Kesey
611. Gaston, tome 1 — by André Franquin
612. Tours of the Black Clock — by Steve Erickson
613. Girls in Love — by Jacqueline Wilson
614. Earthly Powers — by Anthony Burgess
615. Eminent Victorians — by Lytton Strachey
616. The Ginger Man — by J. P. Donleavy
617. Hawaii — by James A. Michener
618. In Memoriam to Identity — by Kathy Acker
619. The Princess Diaries — by Meg Cabot
620. The Second World War — by Winston S. Churchill
621. The Education of Little Tree — by Forrest Carter
622. The Horse Whisperer — by Nicholas Evans
623. Hogg — by Samuel R. Delany

Note: I got permission to share this list on my blog. Please go HERE for the complete list of “623 of the best books ever written”; see them all at once for yourself with full colour book covers. (Thank you, Stuart, for allowing me to share your list over twelve blog posts.) Stuart has also provided links to Amazon for purchasing your own copies of the books you want to read, so please visit his site and bookmark it. This will make it easier for you to revisit the complete list and shop easier, plus read reviews on Amazon by other readers.

I hope you enjoyed this walk through a library of some of the best books ever written. It seemed a fun way to bring to your attention many more books than you may have considered reading. This exercise has shown me I am not the reader I thought I was, and stirred my interest in many of the books on this list.

I love to hear from you!  From the above list:
  • Which books have you read?
  • Which books do you want to read?
  • Which books are you going to obtain this week?(Even if you did not officially take the Read More Books challenge I would love to hear about your reading.)

Thank you for going on this adventure with books with me. Now, to sum it all up, if you would like to go back over all twelve posts that make up this list, once you add up the ones you’ve read I’d like to know how many you can claim to have read. Please leave a comment.     

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


13 responses to “‘Read More Books’ challenge: Week 12: 572-623 of the list of 623 of the best books ever!

  1. I’ve loved this series, Lynn! Of this group I’ve read 7, plus a couple I think I’ve read but I’m not absolutely sure because it was long ago!


  2. I too loved this series. From this group I have read 5 or 6. Like Sue, some of them were along time ago so I’m not sure. I was very happy to see the Alchemist and This Side of paradise on this list as I have read both of them more than once. I must go back and see my grand total. Thanks for doing this.


    • You have read many of these books, Darlene. I’ll be interested in seeing what is your total.


      • I finally added up my total and it is 156 books from the list of 623. I feel quite good about this as it is about 25% of the list. It must mean that I chose good books to read in my limited reading time.It also makes me want to read many more on the list.


        • Wow! You should feel good about reading that many on the list, Darlene. Congratulations!
          I’m glad this list served to inspire you to read more. Thanks for your participation in the challenge.


  3. I too have enjoyed this, though I have not read very many. I’ve seen movies of some of the books on this list. Still working my way through Vanity Fair (5/8th’s). It is nice to have comments from others as to what books they liked. I am going to try to make time for reading on a regular basis. Thanks for doing this!


    • I’m glad this has challenged you, Faith. It has been helpful to me, too, when others replied with what books they enjoyed.


      • I forgot to add: I only read one book on this list that I can recall, and that is The Princess Diaries, but for three of them I saw the movie. My reading record is not good, based on that!


  4. I believe I want to read #s 582, 602, and 620. I haven’t read any of these. 😉


  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog, as it let me find your blog. You certainly issued an interesting challenge. You have a lot of books on your lists and I’ll definitely visit again. I’ve read a few, but have seen many more made into movies. Just finished The Book Thief, so I can see the movie.


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