Day 27: NaNoWriMo & PiBoIdMo

Saturday, Day 27 of NaNoWriMo.  Wow! What a day this has been. First of all, in the morning my husband and I went to town to the Farmers Market where I purchased three Chr istmas gifts (just couldn’t resist) after I met local author Jan L. Coates – which is why we went there today.  She is delightful!  She signed my copies of her newest book – A Hare In The Elephant’s Trunk – and we chatted a bit.  (Actually, I’m sure I talked too much.  oh dear)  I urge you to check out this website:

I have several books I am eager to read — three books for which I will be writing reviews.  I will be posting those reviews here on my blog, just as I did on October 26 after reading Max Lucado’s book – Out Live Your Life.  But I am especially so looking forward to reading Jan‘s book after NaNo is over.  I heard an interview on the radio several weeks ago and was touched by the story, built around a true and tragic story. I will probably write about her book here, too.

When we returned home I got down to writing.  For hours I sat writing, getting up to walk around or stretch, and to make myself a lunch in the middle of the afternoon.  Just before midnight I punched in my new numbers.  I’d managed to write 3525 words today!  Yay!  That takes me up to 38,527 words written for this challenge so far. Now it feels more as if I can win this NaNo challenge, whereas I was beginning to doubt myself the last few days.  Now I have it 78% completed! Almost 11,500 words have yet to be written – in three days – but now it is reachable again.  I just have to aim for 4000 words a day (which I haven’t done yet!) and I’ll have it, with extras as security.  🙂  Piece ‘o cake, right?… Right?

An idea for PiBoIdMo came through right around midnight.  I now have 40 ideas for that challenge.  It has been fun in a different way doing PiBo.

I believe I can call myself a writer after all this, what do you think?

What does it take for you to see yourself as a writer?  Or if you are not a writer, then what makes you believe in your talents and abilities?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂




4 responses to “Day 27: NaNoWriMo & PiBoIdMo

  1. Hi, Lynn: I enjoyed chatting with you yesterday – sorry if I was a little distracted, but the Farm Market is a busy spot! Thanks for your interest in my book and Jacob’s life – hope you enjoy the book!


    • Hi Jan, thanks for taking time to chat with me on Saturday even though it was very busy there. It was almost like a craft fair! I know I will enjoy your book, and I will be sure to let you know when I have read it.
      Thanks so much for your comment. 🙂


  2. Yes, I do believe you can call yourself a writer and be proud! So glad your meeting with Jan went well. Could it be you are getting over a bit of your shyness? Perhaps it has something to with with the fact that you are now feeling like a writer. What do you think?


    • You know, I agree. In fact, I was thinking this over last night and came to that realization. It makes a difference when one finds one’s niche, doesn’t it? I may not make great strides as a writer, I may not ever have any published books, but I have met and am meeting some wonderful, fun people called writers, and I am learning very helpful things and loving it. There’s a sense of community and a feeling of belonging that is reassuring. I think I will stay with this for awhile. 🙂


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