Daily Archives: November 5, 2010

Day 4: NaNoWriMo, PiBoIdMo & a chickadee

Today was not a great writing day, although I did manage to squeak out 1275 words, putting my word count up to 7338 before midnight.  I didn’t write a thing during the day but I did a lot of thinking, musing, about the possibilities of how my story could go.   It seems that evenings may be more my writing time instead of daytime hours.  But then this evening I was on the phone for an hour with a friend who is going through a very difficult time and needed to talk,  so that took priority for me.

Another thing I have discovered with this story is that I seem to have two very chatty characters.  They are doing a lot of talking so that I don’t have to.  🙂  Tonight, though, there was more scene narration which I found slowed me down.  Even so, once I put in my word count my widget showed that I have written 15% of the  of 50,000 words challenge. Yay!

I also wrote down one idea for PiBoIdMo but I don’t know how good of one it is.  It counts, though, and I maybe can do something with it in a picture book.

Oh, while I was baking today (turned out a blueberry pie and a blueberry apple coffee cake) I heard a thunk against the window in our back door.  I knew immediately what it was, and sure enough .. there was a helpless, little chickadee lying on the deck.  I went out and gently scooped him up and checked him carefully.  He didn’t appear to be injured – just very stunned by the head-on collision with our door, so then I loosely wrapped the little fella in an old t-shirt and set him on a chair on the deck. This has happened before and they just need time to get their wits about them again.  It wasn’t until my husband arrived home from work, maybe a half hour later, that little chickadee perked up and flew away – just as my husband was coming up the steps.  I don’t know yet how to transfer images from my phone to my computer or I would insert a picture here.

Do you ever have to rescue little birds?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings.  🙂