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Day 26: NaNoWriMo & PiBoIdMo

Friday, Day 26 of NaNoWriMo was a poor writing day for me.  To start things off I got maybe four hours of sleep last night which would have been longer except for the fact that I was up early this morning to go to town with my sister.  I had errands (banking, shopping) to do and she did some shopping, and it took longer than we had anticipated so I didn’t get back home until middle of the afternoon.  I was SO tired and my writing didn’t amount to much tonight, but in looking back over my daily totals I discovered that it wasn’t my worst day.  I haven’t let myself not write something each day because I didn’t want to get out of the habit of writing and into the habit of skipping days.  As it is I am going to be doing major catch-up soon.

I have the NaNo challenge 71% completed, having added 768 words today which brings my written total to 35002 words. I had to get it over 35000 before leaving this for a longer sleep tonight.  (It’s time to quit when I keep nodding off with pen in hand!)

When we were in town today we drove past the car lot which had been one of the sets used in a Jason Priestly movie last year.  We were commenting on the look of it today, they had some strange goings-on there, and I joked about it – then realized that from what I said .. oh wow!  A picture book idea for PiBoIdMo!

It’s amazing to me how so much around me can be converted into picture book ideas.  (Thanks Tara and friends!)  You can check out what I am talking about all the time by looking here: http://taralazar.wordpress.com

And before I quit I just want to say that I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning as I will be going to the Farmers Market in Wolfville to meet Jan Coates, author of A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk.  She is going to be signing copies of her book there and I’ll be in line.

Have you met any authors and did you get a signed copy of that author’s book?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂