Day 19: NaNoWriMo & PiBoIdMo; aka: what bug would you be?

253   That’s how many more words I needed to make it to the halfway point exactly.  253 more words and I would have written 25,000 words of the 50,000 goal.  But, alas! The midnight gong sounded somewhere out there and Friday was gone.  Just like that.  Gone!  *poof*

Okay, so for Friday, Day 19, I wrote 1019 words to make a total of 24747.   The exciting thing is that my NaNo widget shows that I have written 50% of my “novel.”  Yay!  For me that is quite an accomplishment to date, but I am faced with the fact that I still have half of the writing to do in less than two weeks.  Eleven days, actually.  Eleven days to write another 25,253 words!  Yikes!  Can I do it??

I have been working on Valley Sunshine publication today so that is what took writing time away from NaNo, but VS is almost done.  Then I can devote more time to complete the challenge. It’s all important.

Now, PiBoIdMo is another matter entirely.  I was trying to come up with an idea for it when I looked in my binder to remind myself of how many more I need to win this challenge, and I made a wonderful discovery.  I had already written one down for today!  Having done it very early in the day, I promptly forgot about it.  🙂   And, I now have 30 ideas!  DONE!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you!  Tara (originator of PiBoIdMo) has guest bloggers on her site for inspiration for those of us who are participating in her challenge.  Some of them offer prizes if we comment on what they have written.  I have been doing that on some of them.  Well, this afternoon Tara let me know that I won a prize from one of the guest bloggers!  I’m delighted!  He (Neil Numberman) illustrates a writer‘s (Aaron Reynolds) books, and what I won is a drawing.  Their books are stories about adventurous bugs, like fly detectives and such.  Joey Fly Private Eye.  Cute, huh?  So what I have to do is send them a picture of myself and Neil will draw a bug caricature of me!  lol  Can you imagine that?  I think it’s great.  Now, what bug will they see me as?  hmmm

So, my burning question to you today is:  If you were a bug what one do you think you would be?   🙂

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


2 responses to “Day 19: NaNoWriMo & PiBoIdMo; aka: what bug would you be?

  1. Congratulations on winning a drawing!!! A bug caricature sounds like fun. If I was a bug, I’d probably have to be a bee.


    • Thanks, Laura. Now I have to find a photo of myself that’s good enough to send so the drawing can be done.

      Yes, I think you would be a very busy little bee, too! 🙂 Thank you for contributing.


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