Anniversary & Holocaust book

My husband’s and my anniversary was October 30.  Today (it’s still Saturday as I’m writing this) I was able to purchase for him the book he has been wanting.  Millions of Souls – a Holocaust memoir by Philip Riteman, has recently been released.   Stephen told me I could read it after he has, but I declined the offer.  I read the two-page article in a September issue of the newspaper about Mr. Riteman, and his story and experiences are so heart wrenching I know I could not bear to read his book.  It would bother me far too much.  Yet, I am between that self-protecting opinion and the knowing that everyone should hear his story, everyone should know of the horrors.

Remembrance Day is coming up on Thursday, November 11.  We will attend the memorial service as we have done for several years now, when we are given time to pause and think, and remember, and be grateful.

I believe it would make a difference in people if they could meet a War Vet or a Holocaust survivor, hear the too real stories, see the graphic images.

I believe we must never forget.

Do you?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings.  🙂


2 responses to “Anniversary & Holocaust book

  1. I can relate. Those types of books are hard to read. Not only do I agree that we should “never forget,” I say also with many others, “Never again!”


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