Are you an information gatherer?

It is a beautiful but very cold wintry morning here in NS, but I don’t mind much since I’ll be inside most of the day.  🙂  It’s a great day for writing or reading, so I will get some of that done later today  (I hope!)  as I am not one to play in the snow anymore.   BRRRRRRRRR

I continue to post on my page called My ‘have read’ list, adding to it as I finish a book.  I’ve added to it twice this month.  Eventually, there will be books added that I finish reading this year but started months ago.  Often I will take a book with me to read while waiting for my turn in the doctor’s office or some such place.  Because of that it takes longer to finish those ones.  Do you do that or do you just hope you will find interesting magazines on hand when you get there?

Are you one who prefers to make conversation with the people around you?  I did that last week, talked with the lady I sat next to in a waiting room, and it was quite interesting.

Are you a watcher and listener?  Do you get story ideas that way?

What are you reading these days?   Or what are you brainstorming about now?  Or what is it that are you listening for, searching for, gathering tidbits for?  Do tell!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂

4 responses to “Are you an information gatherer?

  1. Lynn, you ask a ton of questions!!! But that is not a bad thing. Questions are the only way we get answers.

    I like watching and listening, especially to the way people speak, the way they put their words together, saying some things in such roundabout ways. Listening is a good way to learn about writing dialogue.

    I also like striking up conversations with people. I wasn’t always one to do that but now I figure I don’t want to walk away from a situation and wish later I had commented on something I found interesting and you never know who that person sitting next to you is.I don’t read books while I’m in waiting rooms, guess I’m afraid I’ll miss out on something…


    • Hi Laura, What can I say except that, as I mentioned in a comment on your blog, I am very curious. I do ask a lot of questions. Being slow to process things sometimes, asking questions helps the information get into my brain. 🙂 I also ask questions to draw people in, to help them feel more at ease and of interest – because most people are interesting in some way.
      Now, if I could put those things together and create characters and stories from what I hear … that would be cool! and maybe even … interesting! 🙂


  2. Hmmm…. I read at red lights. Really, that’s true. It’s sick I know. I am not a conversationalist but a good listener. Never talk to anyone in the waiting room at the Doc’s office. YA MIGHT GET WHAT THEY’VE GOT!!! Tend to ignore people – like my neighbors. Have been here 5 years & no one knows me. I do wave as I hit the garage door opener. Hah! (Never here anyway.) Currently reading James Rollins – Amazonian. It’s really good.


    • Dave, as long as you know when the light changes it should not be a problem. 🙂 Some people read and drive at the same time, so I’m glad you are not one of those!
      umm .. and I hate to break this to you, but you can catch things from people anywhere. (Something about breathing the same air.) 😉 Nowadays people have the option of wearing one of those little masks in some doctors’ waiting rooms.
      I have added the book you mentioned to my long and growing list of books to check into. Thanks! 🙂


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