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Wildlife out my window; reminder of chance to win a book

First I want to remind you to enter the draw, if you haven’t already, for a paper copy of the book by Erik Weibel. The Adventures of Tomato and Pea is a good one for that special child in your life.

Now I want to tell you about something fun. Today I glanced out the window and was surprised and delighted to see a young deer! She was making her way through the snow on the far side of Dad’s lawn, following the brook to the back of the property. Upon reaching a bend in the brook she stepped in and took a long drink of cold water. Having enough, she raised her head, looked around and crossed the stream to climb the hill on the other side. Soon after the deer had ventured by, a cock pheasant hurried along the brook and also made his way up the hill.

It’s always interesting here at my dad’s. One never knows what will appear in the brook or on the lawn, at or near the feeders, or just passing through. Besides deer and cock pheasants and their hens we have watched ducks, a fox, raccoons, hawks, many other birds including cardinals, a kingfisher, and grey herons. 

The images I’m including were not taken from today’s sightings, but they are my own pictures. The first photo is one I took of a young deer in my own driveway one winter. The others were taken at Dad’s last summer.

oh deer! closeup (1)DSCN0030DSCN0021November 11'12 003


I just wanted to share this since I hadn’t been able to post over the weekend.

A final memory jog … the draw for The Adventures of Tomato and Pea is tonight, Tuesday, March 11 at 6:00 EST. Please encourage a new author and leave a comment on the interview.

What wonderful sightings have you had this season?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂

Baby elephant rescue!

I love elephants.

Elephants are magnificent, intelligent, amazing animals.

For a very long time I have thought I would love to have my own elephant, but alas! the darling creature would eat us into poverty, I’m afraid.

Yesterday I came across this YouTube video that I know will help you see more of how wonderful and intelligent they really are.  Enjoy.


After watching this I got thinking about the parallel of family and fellowships and writing. If we are fortunate, we can find ourselves surrounded by those who care about us, who love us and watch out for us, encouraging us when we need it. And if we are very fortunate, some of those will be of “like-mind”, enjoying and participating in the same things that interest us.

That, for me now, is writing. If you are a writer and have friends and acquaintances who also are writers, who understand your highs and lows in the process, who are willing to stand by you when you get mired in life stuff or writing woes of anxiety or the agony of writer’s block, then you are truly blessed. If you have someone who is stalwart in seeing you get out of that hard place, then you .. my friend .. have a rich and beautiful gift. Appreciate it.

What does this video speak to you? Does it parallel anything in your life?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


Crazy bag (bat?) lady!

“Do you have a bat on your wall?!”

Tuesday morning I was sitting in the shop talking with my hairdresser while waiting for my cab. Squinting, I said, “Is that a bat? or .. what is that!” He turned to look in the direction I was indicating. “I do have a bat on my wall!”

“May I have it?”

He turned and looked at me hesitantly, if not a little surprised. 

“I would like to take it home and release it at my house. I really like bats,” I explained, “and I don’t like mosquitoes. I haven’t seen a bat around all Summer.”

Satisfied with my explanation, he immediately began looking around, “What will I catch it with?” Grabbing a small towel he climbed onto the chair that was conveniently there, then reaching up he neatly and quickly covered the little brown bat with the towel. Carefully wrapping it securely, he stepped down and picked up a plastic grocery bag. After he gently placed the towel into the bag we tied off the top to be sure its contents stayed inside during its relocation journey. Then my cab pulled up.

Settling the bag carefully on my lap, I began chuckling as we drove along. clickclickclickclickclickclick 

“Do you hear that?” I asked the driver.
He looked over, “What?” His radio music was quite loud.
“Do you hear that clicking?”
He turned the radio down and listened. “Yeaaaahhh?”
“It’s a bat.”
“A what?”
“A bat. I have a little brown bat in this bag.”
“Ooookaaaaaaaaayyyy.” The look on his face was priceless.
“Does that bother you? Is it a problem?” I asked him.
“Oh, no, … it’s not a problem.” He kept glancing over at the bag.
I explained what had just occurred and that I was taking the bat home. “I think it’s a fair trade. He didn’t want the bat in his house, I want it outside mine.”

The driver agreed it seemed fair. Then the conversation began, mostly about bats. He told me that one of the cab drivers got into her vehicle one morning and there was a bat in it. He said, “As soon as she knew the bat was in her cab – she wasn’t!” We laughed.

The drive was less than twenty minutes but it didn’t take long for the bat to find its way out of the towel. He crawled around in the bag, clicking, which I believe was his sonar .. trying to find distance so that he knew it was an opening to freedom. I checked the bag to be sure I had not mistakenly been given one with a hole in it. Even though I like little brown bats I don’t think I would appreciate one crawling on me.

After the cab left my yard I took the bat-in-a-bag up onto a little hill beside my house. Setting the bag down beside the trees I untied the top, stepped back and waited. It took maybe twenty seconds for the bat to find the way out. Soon his little head popped up over the edge and with a flurry of fast little bat wings … zip! zoom! … he was gone, silently flying away between the trees.

When I told my girls about my fun experience their teasing remarks varied: ‘weird yet cool’, ‘not cool’, ‘crazy bag lady’, ‘strange’, ‘way to preserve wildlife’, ‘odd’. 🙂 I told one daughter that I enjoy doing the odd thing once in awhile. She replied, “Well, that was it then.”

And you know, she was right. That was it … for this week. 🙂

Would you believe … just as I finished writing the above my husband called to me, “There’s a bat in the house!” He had seen one flying around but lost sight of it, so we went looking. Sure enough, from the living-room he saw a little brown bat hanging upside down from the ceiling in the adjoining room. Hilarious!

I grabbed a towel … and released the little guy into our yard. Again. Could it have been the same one? 

How marvellous is that!  😉

What weird and wonderful thing have you done lately?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂

Just a little Foxy!

This is a quick post while waiting for the February 14th draw.  (Read post of January 26.)  I hope you have left a comment there to be in the running for Laura Best’s book Bitter, Sweet.

In the interim I am writing, and reading, and thinking about what I will say in my review of the book I read just last night.

Right now I want to mention something neat that happened yesterday.  My husband and I were on our way home from church and dinner, and upon driving up the road to our house we slowed to turn into our driveway.  But, we stopped instead because, to our surprise, there at the end of our driveway stood — a red fox!  A beautiful, bright-eyed, healthy-looking fox!  Unalarmed, it just stood there looking at us a few moments.  Then, seeming to realize we were going to turn in, it calmly strutted out of our way and trotted up the hill by our yard.  The people in front of us turned and drove back to watch this gorgeous animal, and another van also stopped when they realized we were watching something.  The fox must have found an interesting little critter to its liking because not long after that it was on the side hill digging, with its back end up and head and shoulders hidden in the snow.  Amusing.  It mattered not to the fox who was watching.

Gotta love rural/country life!  Here I have the privilege to see all kinds of wildlife, including eagles nearly every day, and also hawks, many other birds, white-tailed deer, foxes, coyotes, and other animals.  Yes, I love God’s creation!

What do you like about where you live?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂