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Quiz: What percent royal are you?

I have a confession. I’m feeling a little burned out with reading books for reviews and posting two a week. There’s a lot going on these days in my life – including our youngest daughter’s upcoming wedding in about two weeks! Yes, about 16 months ago she met the love of her life and it was an instant connection. They were engaged five months after that, and soon … my “baby” will be a married woman! I’ll share some about it here when that exciting weekend is over.

Alas, I’m not even getting to my own writing, and I have yet to come up with a new story draft for this month of 12×12. This week at home I’m trying to get refreshed and have not pushed myself to keep up with computer stuff. Part of that includes that I’ve started doing Zumba. (Dance exercise) I am not nearly active enough anymore, usually sitting too much at the computer. Apparently the saying now is “sitting is the new cigarette.” Yikes! Means that it’s unhealthy to sit too much. And we know it is. Anyway, Zumba is a fun and challenging workout, my body is complaining at doing what it’s no longer used to doing and I’m enjoying it anyway despite the ouches.




A few days ago my husband and I got away for a day to visit his sister and brother-in-law in their new house in the port town of Lunenburg, N.S. Wow! Gorgeous, and with a close view of the water and the tall ships anchored there for a few days on their sail to different ports. We took the short walk around town and my sister-in-law and I went into a little dress shop. Lo! and behold! I found a dress to wear to my daughter’s wedding! What a load off my mind that was. The following day I bought shoes to go with it, usually quite an ordeal but this time it was easy and painless. I’ll be able to show up at my daughter’s wedding after all. 🙂

Now, I have a quiz for you to do. As you read in my subject line, it’s to find out what percent royal you are. 😉  Just follow THIS LINK to do the quiz. Afterward I hope you will come back here to comment so I can know your quiz results. Here’s mine, silly but fun:

100%    You must be a long lost member of the royal family! Everyone bow down because we found the real Queen—and long may you reign! Now all you have to do is find your happily ever after…by reading ROMANCING THE THRONE!

I haven’t read Romancing the Throne. Have you? If so, should I? Did you like it?

SO if I’m 100% royal … where is my entourage? including someone to do the housework so I can write, and I’d like a chauffeur, please.  🙂 (laughing but .. wouldn’t it be nice…)

What are you doing this season? And … what percent royal are you?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂



Today Canada is officially 150 years old!

In the emblem below, the thirteen diamonds of the maple leaf represent the ten provinces and three territories that make up Canada. The four red diamonds represent the four original provinces at confederation in 1867. Nova Scotia is one of those four.

There is much griping going on in some minds about it’s not being 150 years for all parts of Canada (and there are other reasons) so it’s not everyone’s celebration. In my opinion (for which you didn’t ask) that is hogwash! Canada is Canada. There will always be naysayers, no matter what country or reason of celebration. I get it that many feel because of some shameful and horrible historical events and practices and situations it’s not a happy celebration for them. I get that. And I understand that indigenous history goes back thousands of years before this, so let’s celebrate that, too. Can’t we come together and work on it? Can’t we make it better? This is a great country! Many nations have things in their history, much are ongoing, that are not celebratory, but that doesn’t mean hope is abolished or abandoned.

Canada is a great country in size, too, second in land mass only to Russia. Just to give some comparison – the United States is fourth in size, after China. 

In celebration of 150 years, Parks Canada is making available – until the end of 2017 – free passes to Canada’s national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas. This is a good year to follow through on your plans to visit Canada. Also, the tall ships are going to be visiting 11 different communities in Nova Scotia throughout this summer. All across the country there are special events taking place this year.

Currently, in Halifax harbour here in NS, the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier is anchored. Hopefully you can access this webcam view of the harbour, and this you tube video of the Eisenhower.  

And look at this flower! The Canada 150 tulip, also known as the Maple Leaf tulip, is the official tulip of Canada 150. It resembles the Canadian flag through special breeding of two different varieties of tulips. Isn’t that fabulous?

Canada’s contribution is significant in helping during world crises; my own father was a soldier in the Canadian Army that Liberated the Netherlands during World War II. Canada does have its problems and contradictions (who doesn’t?), but we are unified more than many other nations, and basically we are peace-loving. In fact, we’re mostly looking pretty good. Out of 155 countries we have been rated as the 7th happiest. (Below, I’m including only the first 20 on the list to show you.) Canada has been known as the best place to visit, to live, and to learn.  🙂  I love it here. 

1. Norway (7.537) 2. Denmark (7.522) 3. Iceland (7.504) 4. Switzerland (7.494) 5. Finland (7.469) 6. Netherlands (7.377) 7. Canada (7.316) 8. New Zealand (7.314) 9. Australia (7.284) 10. Sweden (7.284) 11. Israel (7.213) 12. Costa Rica (7.079) 13. Austria (7.006) 14. United States (6.993) 15. Ireland (6.977) 16. Germany (6.951) 17. Belgium (6.891) 18. Luxembourg (6.863) 19. United Kingdom (6.714) 20. Chile (6.652) 

So, HAPPY NATIONAL BIRTHDAY TO ALL MY FELLOW CANADIANS, AND THOSE TO COME. As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says, we welcome you!

Are you doing anything special this year to celebrate Canada’s birthday? (I’ve just done it — this blog post. 🙂 )

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂

A Footnote:  A dear friend in the US sent me this music video, very moving and beautiful.