Hello 2023! and Welcome back my friends!

It is amazing that we are into a new year and I didn’t post even once here in 2022, although I kept my books page updated. New Year, New Chance to do better.

I hope you fared better in 2022 than I did. It was a rough year, especially from summer onward. Late in July my husband suffered an at-home work accident – broken ankle in two places, and a broken tibia – fortunately on my week at home! Another good thing is that he didn’t require surgery as the bones were not moved out of place. Also, I was sick three different times, once with COVID in August. Several people in our family had COVID. How about you?

All year my dad was on the downhill slide, more than before. Alzheimer’s disease took its toll, and by summer we were dealing with marked changes which had rapidly increased. September 7 – with my sister, one of my daughters, and me beside him – at age 97, Dad passed from this world. What a change that has made for us, a difficult one to accept. I no longer live my life one week with him, then one week home, back and forth, which had been my life for 11.5 years, and I’m still finding it hard to adjust to the fact that I now live in only one house. My time is not rigidly divided. I can go through my days and weeks without planning everything around someone else’s care and well-being. It still feels strange and I sometimes have to remind myself that it’s my time. My husband and I are together a lot more, which is nice, but the sorrow creeps up on me unexpectedly, and I am finding it hard to sort out where I fit. I’m sure that will work out eventually. The photo below is of my dad and four-year-old me so long ago.

As for my writing, it is still on hold, but my reading is continuing almost every day. Oil painting is my outlet for creativity and I am considering posting photos of my paintings here … if you might be interested in seeing them? I’m thrilled to sell the occasional one, too. During the past year I didn’t get many pieces done but I hope that will pick up this year.

Last year I tried to complete the Goodreads reading challenge but missed my goal of 700, making it to 677. This year I have set my goal at 600. I have again decided to do the 52bookclub reading challenge, the idea being to read one book a week – or whatever you feel you can do. In 2022 I read 57 books for it, including some of the bonus mini-challenges, so I’m hoping I can manage this year’s new prompts. Anyone can join the group, by the way. Just go to Goodreads … community … groups, and type into the Search groups search bar “The 52 Book Club: 2023 Challenge.” Maybe I’ll see you there?

You may recall that we are grandparents of two boys. Our older grandson is 17 now, our younger one is 2, and we are expecting a little grandbaby girl this month! Yes, I am excited!

I hope to get used to posting on my blog somewhat regularly again, and I very much would love for you to leave comments and help me keep going. You are appreciated more than you realize. I’ve missed you.


Thanks for reading, and … please, let’s get back in touch! Much love, Lynn


2 responses to “Hello 2023! and Welcome back my friends!

  1. It’s so good to see you back here. Very sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. He will be missed. I lost my mom in 2021.
    Congratulations on the upcoming grandbaby girl. What fun. It will be great to be in touch again. Happy New Year!!


    • Thank you, Darlene. Losing our parents is a deep loss, isn’t it?

      We are excited that our new little one will be here soon. Our last baby is having her first baby!
      Happy New year!

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