Is it only the second week of 2018?

Is this only the second weekend of the new year? Somehow it seems it should be later in the month already, as in … nearly February, probably because I haven’t had a week like this one in a long time. Every day there was something happening to cause stresses, frustrations, mix-ups, dealings with people and misunderstandings, anger-inducing situations – yes, I still get angry over things. And more than once this week. It’s exhausting! I was already tired anyway. Today I’m looking for it to be a great day that continues into next week … and beyond. Please.

2018 has already shown itself as one in which I will find it difficult to keep up my regular blogging routine. Actually, looking back I see my routine started hiccuping once Fall 2017 arrived, and it continued to flounder as the year wound down. Life got busier in our family for awhile.

*sigh* Okay. I admit it. I’ve never been great at sticking to a routine. I try, I really do try.

This year I have to plan time for more writing. Already I’m not managing my  goals for the year very well at all. I think I need to take the major part of one day this week and do some purging of my space while I’m home for my week off so I feel less pressed in upon. Then I have to work on some writing projects I want to get done right away. I’ll continue to post here as often as I can, mainly because I don’t want to lose contact with you, and because I enjoy blogging – which is really the same thing. I have some book reviews to write and some books to read. Did I say some? Many. Many books to read. (I have to refer to my own list of goals. Maybe a daily checklist would work.)

Speaking of books …












So, that’s what I have to say about that. 😉

How are you doing two weeks into the new year? Keeping up your goals or resolutions or routines? Do tell! Oh, and do you find a daily checklist or chart to be helpful? If you’ve found something that works for you, would you please let me in on your secret?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂  



6 responses to “Is it only the second week of 2018?

  1. It is hard to stick to a routine and if it doesn’t work for you, don’t beat yourself up about it. I am a very routine person and it worked so well while I had a regular job. Now I’m retired and don’t get nearly as much done. I work around it. I am back into writing Amanda in Holland which had been put on the back burner for a bit. Just had fun writing about Amanda’s visit to a wooden shoe factory. It does feel like it has been January for quite awhile!


    • The problem is that if I don’t have some kind of good routine I fly all over the place. I need a reward system in place for myself, I think. Maybe even a sticker chart. 🙂 In 12×12 we have a badge system and that helps motivate me. It’s not anything anyone else will see unless they go to my profile page on the site, but it’s something I can be happy about for myself as I can see my own progress.
      I know Amanda’s trip to Holland is going to be a great read; looking forward to it.
      Past Januarys have not bothered me like this one, and it’s not even a weather thing. Aside from that, we’re in our January thaw right now (rain, rain, wind & rain), which usually means the worst of the winter is yet to come. Gotta find myself a workable routine and block out the snowy blustery cold. 🙂
      Thanks, Darlene, for your interesting comment.

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  2. At this point, before my new goals have become habit, I reread my goals everyday. sometimes more than once – otherwise I forget. Luckily it is only the second week. Plenty of time to turn things around!


  3. I’m not particularly great at routines or goals, however in regard to energy level, I really have to make self-care a priority so I can carry on. Here’s a fun and easy thing to do when you are feeling weighted down: Laughter Therapy/Laughter Yoga. One benefit is that I can do it in the car, so I don’t get so stressed out. Or before any stressful appointment.

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    • Hi Jamie, I’ve heard that Laughter Therapy does help, and I’ve seen it demonstrated on TV. Not sure how I feel about it for myself, but I do love to laugh. 🙂 Thanks for the idea.

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