Update and Infographic: 28 boring words and what to use instead

It seems I’ve been absent too much lately from blogging. I’m still around, although not keeping up with everything. On Saturday last week – with hundreds of other writers from all over the world – I participated in an online Picture Book Summit which was amazing. Over 9 hours of amazing, in fact. It’s part of my education in learning about writing for children and I know I’m gradually learning some very good and helpful information.

Thanks to my local library I’ve been doing a lot more reading of picture books again – and other books, too, but mostly picture books. That’s part of the learning process, the really fun part. As a member of 12×12 the goal is to try to write a new story (rough draft) each month, and so far this year I have managed to do that. I’ve even drafted more than one a couple of months! Sometimes the story starts in my brain when I’m relaxed at bedtime and just lingers there long enough for me to scribble it down. One morning I wasn’t awake very long when I started hearing a story beginning, so I had to stay focused on it to capture the story before it went the way of my forgotten dreams. It’s fascinating to me how that happens.

Today I have some information to share with you that could be of help with your writing. It’s an infographic of 28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead, and was created by writer and blogger Jack Milgram. (Thanks, Jack!)

To go to the infographic CLICK HERE , but please come back to leave a comment.

Are there any words that bug you or you think are overused or boring?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


8 responses to “Update and Infographic: 28 boring words and what to use instead

  1. Thanks for the infographic. Some words are just used too much, like just and like. LOL

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    • Yes! Like I think you’re just like so right about that! Once in the habit it’s hard to … like … just break it. 😉
      I had to go back and read my post to see how many times I used those words. Whew! Not once this time. Really is another overused word, and I did use it.
      Thanks, Darlene! 🙂

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  2. Great infographic! But even greater news about all the writing you’ve done this year. Yay for you!!


    • Thank you, Heather. 🙂
      I just got home from a day out with a friend and was sitting here thinking that I have to get busy with my writing. There’s one story in particular, written by my mother many years ago, that I’d love to rework for today’s market … to see it published in my dad’s lifetime and to honour my mum. Seems a tall order, though.
      How’s your writing coming along?

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