Quiz: What is your colour personality?

As promised, here is the quiz I think you will enjoy.  It’s a very short one. When you do this one it will reveal to you what colour best represents your personality.

When I did this quiz a few months ago this was my result:  BROWN: Your personality sometimes keeps you from making friends. Try to have a more positive outlook on life.

When I did it again this week this was my result:  BLUE: Although you can sometimes have an introverted personality, you do enjoy being around other people once in a while.

What I find interesting about that is each can be accurate at different times. More than that, I think I’m a blue more than a brown this year. Change. It continues.  🙂


After trying this quiz, how about letting me know what your colour personality is? You know I love hearing from you and reading your comments. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂






6 responses to “Quiz: What is your colour personality?

  1. I’m a BLUE, too. It’s no surprise that I’m an introvert, so I think the quiz got this one right. Hope you have a great weekend ahead!


  2. A fun quiz. I got BRIGHT RED: You have a fiery personality that attracts other people. The problem with being an extrovert and a writer is that I have trouble sitting alone in my office writing. I would rather be out and about talking to people. This helps me gather materiel but doesn´t get the writing done. The plus side is I love to do the marketing. You just can´t win can you.


    • Darlene, why doesn’t it surprise me that you are an extrovert? 🙂
      I only wish I could look at the marketing side of things the way you do. It is very intimidating for me, as is the idea of book signings and all that. Not that that scenario will be playing out for me any time soon, but as an introvert it tends to sometimes hinder my eagerness. I have to battle down the hidden terrors and try to secure a middle ground where I can find a place of comfort.
      Now, if it is for someone else … that’s different. It takes the focus off me. I know. I’m odd. 🙂

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