Ideas needed for my story, please

Here I am posting again so soon. I have a good reason.

When I was waking up Thursday morning I was still working out a dream I’d been having. It was a story, one I was “writing” while sleeping!  I seem to have an editor who works at night!  This is not a story idea I’d been thinking about before I went to bed, I hadn’t thought of it until I was sleeping. Really! Isn’t that cool?

Here’s what I need from you, if you will kindly oblige me in a comment. 

If you have ever gone on a cruise or a theme vacation – or any vacation, for that matter – and something went wrong, I’d like to know about it. It could be funny, embarrassing (not personal or intimate details please), disastrous, jumbled up, maybe something went missing or you got lost, or you missed a connection, or had an accident of some kind. Please tell me about it. Maybe it is a vacation mishap a friend told you happened to them.

I already had a few ideas and some members of the writing group I’m in told me of some funny and inconvenient things they experienced. I am gathering as many anecdotes as I can so that I can sort through and maybe even combine a few. This is for a picture book so they have to be child friendly – and hopefully funny.

Thank you so much for any anecdotes you care to pass along to me.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂




10 responses to “Ideas needed for my story, please

  1. Here´s mine. We spent a whole year planning a Danube river cruise. Since we were going to be in Europe, we stopped in Spain to visit the in-laws first. The second day in Spain I missed the bottom step and broke my ankle on both sides. I refused to go to the doctor and miss my cruise so I hobbled around Europe, on uneven cobblestone streets, for the next ten days. In spite of it all I had a great time on the cruise and am so glad I didn´t miss it! Call me crazy!!


    • I can understand your reluctance to see a doctor in a distant country. Ok… crazy lady you are! 😉 I’m glad you still had a great time, Darlene. Thanks for sharing your story.


  2. I should mention I didn´t know it was broken, I just knew it hurt a lot and thought it was badly sprained. My doctor was quite annoyed with me when I got back to Canada. Have fun collecting stories.


  3. My family went on a holiday when I was about 8. We stayed in a hotel and in the morning my dad went into the bathroom and then couldn’t get out. The door had locked and he couldn’t get it to work and neither could my mom and I. He kept getting more frustrated and, of course, my mom and I found the whole thing hysterically funny. We finally stopped laughing long enough to call the desk and someone came up to fix the door. It took a while for my dad to find the funny side, but eventually he did. I could see Robert Munsch having fun with this situation. 🙂

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    • Oh, my. I can relate to his frustration. If there’s anything that worries me most it’s getting locked a bathroom! I’m glad your dad could see the humour in it later. Yes, Robert Munsch could make quite a story out of that, couldn’t he? 🙂 Thanks for sharing about it, Heather.

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  4. One word, but it’s not that funny. Seasick.

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    • oh yes! Why didn’t I think of that one? For sure. I’ve been seasick and ….oh, I think there’s not much worse than that constant motion that just won’t stop.
      Thanks, Sue!


  5. When we went to New Mexico my dad set the alarm for 4pm not 4am. Thank goodness my parents are early risers anyway -that and a REALLY nice security guard at the Philly air port got us on the plane in time. 😉

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    • Thank you for that idea, Erik! That’s a good one. 🙂 It’s too easy to set clocks incorrectly, I’ve found. I’ve done that on my phone alarm – thought I had it set for AM and it was PM. :/
      I’m glad you made your flight on time.

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