PiBoIdMo; writing through caregiving, loss & other things

November seems to be quickly disappearing; I’m having trouble keeping up!

I want to tell you about a few things, late, but here it is anyway.

Past years I’ve told you about PiBoIdMo. That’s Picture Book Idea Month created and super-efficiently managed by Tara Lazar every November 1-30 since she made it public in 2009. Check out her website HEREI participated for my first time when I learned of it in 2010, and every year since except for 2012. How many ideas have I come up with for picture book stories during those Novembers? Around 170. They aren’t all complete stories, of course. Some are names, some are titles, some are vague ideas, but a few … a few are almost the full story. (Gotta love when that happens.) Perhaps I will be able to combine some of the others to come up with interesting picture books.

This year I have taken on the PiBoIdMo challenge again. It’s fun and stimulates creativity. So far, by day 18, I’ve thought up 31 ideas. There’s one I like in particular having to do with Remembrance Day, known to many as Veterans Day.

As you may recall,  my word for 2015 is POSITIVITY

  • definition: noun: the state or quality of being positive; a quality or state characterized by certainty or acceptance or affirmation

– a tough one to maintain, I’ve discovered. For me, I see it as not giving up my dream … in whatever way that plays out with my writing aspirations. Although I seem to have made very little progress, I haven’t quit yet. I guess that’s worth something. I’m finding that, as we continue on with caregiving of our Dad who’s changing a little more each month, it’s getting harder to focus well on my writing and to do what I really want to do with it. This week I’ve made an effort to sign up for online courses that should give me a boost to learn more of what I need to know. PLUS, two months ago I received the blessing of a private writing coach! I am so excited about that! So although 2015 hasn’t been a productive year in writing, it perhaps has been beneficial in laying groundwork for 2016. What does it seem like to you?

Sad news: The lovely white-faced grey cockatiel my husband got me almost 21 years ago died this month.

PreciousPrecious was 21 years of age this month. In captivity cockatiels can live up to 25 years, so I think she did well. Even with my little Schnoodle, the house seems strangely empty without my exotic pet chirping and whistling to me when I come in the door. She used to answer my microwave and wall oven when I’d set them. 🙂 Precious also mimicked my beautiful old deaf cat, Scamper, several years ago when she’d go yowling around the house. Recently she’d begun mimicking my Meyya’s yip and whine. Yes, it’s sadly strange without her in our house anymore.

This evening I took special snacks to the Alzheimer’s Caregivers support group I’ve been attending for four years … (or is it a little longer? I’m not sure) … to celebrate with them. You see, Monday was my birthday – yes, I made it to another one. We caregivers have developed into a fun group as we support and encourage and inform one another while we make our way through difficult and emotionally painful situations. It’s fun because we all get along, we laugh a lot, and allow the tears that are necessary at times. Alzheimer’s is not fun but funny things happen, and we do have to keep our sense of humour. It’s a rough road. 

It’s been a busy time of late, with appointments, meetings, and trying to keep everything in order here at Dad’s. My writing? Well, there’s still hope! I’m not done yet. 🙂

How do you keep on writing midst the positive or negative stresses of life?

Do you have dreams or goals that keep you pressing onward?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂



10 responses to “PiBoIdMo; writing through caregiving, loss & other things

  1. Sorry to hear of the loss of your little bird. Loosing a pet is never easy. Good for you joining PiBoldMo again! Your writing will just click when the time is right. Someone once told me that and I didn´t believe them. Then one day it happened! Happy belated birthday!! Sending birthday hugs. ❤


    • Thank you, Darlene, for everything you said. 🙂 I’m looking forward to that ‘click’ with eager anticipation. Make that … with expectant anticipation.
      Have a wonderful day doing whatever you do there in Spain. 🙂


  2. So sorry to hear about Precious. You were so lucky to have her sharing your days for such a long time.
    What’s helped me keep writing is the realization that I’m not everybody else. When I stopped comparing what I do to what other writer friends do (win awards, have an agent, write novels), I realized how happy I was with my own writer’s path, writing what’s close to my heart and what I think will make a difference in my reader’s lives. That “aha” moment has given me a lot of peace, and so I just keep plodding along doing what I love.


    • Thanks, Heather. I have to keep reminding myself she’s not there when it is so automatic to start to speak to her!

      I appreciate what you said about your writing. I think I guilt myself when I’m not creating with words, when I see what others are churning out. It worries me that I’ve waited too long.
      Thanks for reminding me the path is my own.

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  3. Lynn – so sorry about Precious – I’m sure your home is just a house right now without her there to brighten your days. Twenty-one years is a long time – I think that says something great about how you cared for her and looked after her health and loved her.
    Late Happy Birthday, too – I notice you didn’t mention exactly what birthday that was…hehehe…
    I’m sure that even when you’re not writing, your brain is cataloging information that you will use in your writing down the road – at least that’s the story I tell myself when I’m activly NOT writing!
    Thanks for sharing your post with us. Hugs.


    • Thank you, Sylvia, for your kind words. And, FYI, I am the same age as you. shhh! (I visited your blog)
      I do think my brain must be cataloging, as you say, because it never stops – I’m always thinking about something so that it’s sometimes hard to get to sleep at night with my constant pondering and thinking things over.
      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear about Precious.As a bird lover I know how much pleasure they can bring.
    During the worst time of my life when my beloved wife died I found I couldn’t write but blogging kept me sane and allowed me to share some of the feelings I was going through. I’ve not been able to take up writing again since then, but I’ve always had the blog and all the fantastic friends all over the world that blogging has brought.
    xxx Massive Hugs Lynn xxx


  5. I’m sorry for your loss, but happy for your birthday. 🙂


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