Let’s think SPRING, shall we?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about enough of Winter. It’s time for disappearing snow, no ice, warm days, gentle breezes, birds pairing off and building nests, buds swelling on trees and flowering hedges, early flowers pushing through … oh my … yes! I want all that! How about you?

Let’s think SPRING, shall we? 

Usually Winter doesn’t get to me anymore, although I don’t like being cold; I can tolerate the season and enjoy its unique intense beauty, but this year it’s been pulling me down and sitting on me. And it’s been so constantly cold, way too snowy and icy, that I am just plain ready for Spring! Depression has weighed on me for many months; not so much that I can’t function at all, but enough that I have been low on energy and finding it hard to get and stay interested in anything. I would like to crawl into bed and stay there for … I don’t care how long. Apparently, I have a real thing … a low-grade depression that is enough to keep me in this lacklustre state of mental weariness where I’m wanting to do but lack motivation and energy to accomplish much at all. It’s exasperating, disappointing, and exhausting. I’ve lost my joie de vivre and I’m tired of being tired!

As a result of all that, just one thing that has suffered is my blog — for which I have felt twinges of guilt — and my reading and writing have been making next-to-no progress. I do apologize to you again, my dear reader, for not keeping up with posting here. I hope you will forgive my lack of enthusiasm and commitment and not quit on me.

We had a break in our weather for a few days, but now we are in the beginnings of the receiving end of a few more centimeters of snow. Do we need more? I THINK NOT! 

snow buntings on top of our hedge

This is a flurry of snow buntings, the whitest of winter birds. Do you know what they are sitting on? MY HEDGE! Yes, my hedge is under all that snow. I really am not pleased to see more snow coming down, even though it is pretty. Enough is enough, thank you.

To look ahead a little, today I have this link to share with you that I think will remind us all of the season we long to celebrate. (Or I do, anyway.) Maybe it will give you some new ideas for your gardens. Click on the red words here to see a list of flower names from A to Z. There are no images with the flower names, so we have to “Google” them to see what they look like or search in gardening books. I hope you enjoy the list, anyway.

How have you been surviving Winter? Do you have favourite flowers you can hardly wait to enjoy?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂





10 responses to “Let’s think SPRING, shall we?

  1. Hey I know the feeling! Although it’s been considerably warmer where I am (Cornwall UK) and I don’t think I’ve seen any snow at all this winter – sadly, as in small doses it’s quite exciting. So ready for a bit more daylight and the ability to do something other than sleep all day now. We’ve got lots of violets coming up all over the place at the moment which is just delightful.


    • Welcome to my blog! I love your screen name .. Open the Curtains. Right now I want to keep mine closed so I won’t see any more snow, but when the sun shines .. oh yes! .. throw them open wide!
      How wonderful to have violets coming up. It will be quite awhile until we see flowers here, the early ones being crocuses, irises, daffodils and tulips which are buried under several feet of snow yet. I can hardly wait for when the violets and pansies make their showing here.
      Thanks so much for your visit and comment. Do come again. 🙂

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  2. Check out my blog to see pictures of Spain. That will cheer you up I think. Although it does get chilly here at night. I understand the low-grade depression, been there a few times. Hang in there, it does get better. Many Canadians suffer from SAD in the winter. Spring should be just around the corner. 🙂


    • Darlene, belated happy birthday!

      I will check out your pictures, thanks.
      I’m looking forward to it getting better; this has gone on for most of a year. SAD is an issue for me, but I think it is also the way life is right now combined with the miserable cold and low natural light that have affected me.

      Thank you for the encouragement, Darlene. 🙂

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  3. Found your blog via She Write and since I’m also very itchy for spring, had to make my way here. I certainly can relate to how winter can get you down. It’s been frigid, and since I’m very susceptible to the cold, leaves me craving nothing but a warm blanket and cup of tea. Good news is that weather is on the upswing this week and so am I. Thanks for sharing. Happy spring!


    • Welcome to my blog! I’m happy you found your way here, thanks to She Writes.
      I’m glad you are feeling better with the improvement in the weather; it’s hopeful here, too, this week with temperatures expected to get above zero. Yay!

      I think you are the first person to wish me a Happy Spring! That certainly helps the winter blahs. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Happy Spring to you, too!


  4. This winter has been so mild here in Oregon that I haven’t had many bouts of winter blues. I so look forward to the spring and the lovely daffodils that make me smile when I go outside my front door! Have a happy spring!


    • Welcome to my blog, Taunya! We haven’t had that mild a winter for awhile. Daffodils are a pretty announcement of Spring. 🙂
      Happy Spring to you, too, and thanks for your comment.


  5. I hope all is well! 😀


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